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  1. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Kickboxer: Vengeance

    When Cannon films have a better narrative arch than your movie you have to know you've made a piece of crap. Bautista looks like barely tried to even resemble a Muy Thai fighter. Skip it. Its def one of the worst movies I ever saw

  2. Dries's rating of the film Kickboxer: Vengeance

    tanta sorca ma meno tamarragine rispetto all'originale

  3. HKFanatic's rating of the film Kickboxer: Vengeance

    1989's "Kickboxer" is far from a classic - in fact, it's little more than 'what if Bloodsport was set in Thailand and Van Damme had a brother?' Clearly there was room for improvement in a remake, but this film wears its production troubles on its sleeve with shoddy ADR work and visual inconsistencies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's Jean-Claude Van Damme and his charming showmanship that prove the sole saving grace.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Kickboxer: Vengeance

    Well that was unnecessary. Producers try to rekindle the franchise here with a reboot that pretty much tells the same story as the original. The only saving grace is the game turn by Van Damme now cast as trainer but still getting to showcase some skills defying the aging process.