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  1. Photo of Tadao Ikeda

    Tadao Ikeda Screenplay

  2. Photo of Torajiro Saito

    Torajiro Saito Director

  3. Photo of Shigero Ogura

    Shigero Ogura Cast

  4. Photo of Yaeko Izumo

    Yaeko Izumo Cast

  5. Photo of Shotaro Fujimatsu

    Shotaro Fujimatsu Cast

  6. Photo of Akio Nomura

    Akio Nomura Cast

  7. Photo of Jun Yokoyama

    Jun Yokoyama Cast

  8. Photo of Teruko Kojima

    Teruko Kojima Cast

  9. Photo of Kazuko Kojima

    Kazuko Kojima Cast

  10. Photo of Mutsu Soga

    Mutsu Soga Cast

  11. Photo of Reiko Tani

    Reiko Tani Cast

  12. Photo of Eiko Takamatsu

    Eiko Takamatsu Cast

  13. Photo of Reiko Takigawa

    Reiko Takigawa Cast

  14. Photo of Nagamasa Yamada

    Nagamasa Yamada Cast

  15. Photo of Yoshio Taketomi

    Yoshio Taketomi Cinematography