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  1. Photo of Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

    Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Abel González Melo

    Abel González Melo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fidel Betancourt

    Fidel Betancourt Cast

  4. Photo of Aramís Delgado

    Aramís Delgado Cast

  5. Photo of Laura Ramos

    Laura Ramos Cast

  6. Photo of Luis Alberto García

    Luis Alberto García Cast

  7. Photo of Caleb Casas

    Caleb Casas Cast

  8. Photo of Francisco García

    Francisco García Cast

  9. Photo of Alina Rodríguez

    Alina Rodríguez Cast

  10. Photo of Alfredo Chang

    Alfredo Chang Cast

  11. Photo of José Cremata Malberti

    José Cremata Malberti Producer

  12. Photo of Iohamil Navarro

    Iohamil Navarro Producer

  13. Photo of Juan Manuel Villar

    Juan Manuel Villar Producer

  14. Photo of Amaury Ramírez Malberti

    Amaury Ramírez Malberti Music

  15. Photo of Lily Suárez

    Lily Suárez Cinematography

  16. Photo of Adrian García

    Adrian García Editing

  17. Photo of Lenin Rojo

    Lenin Rojo Sound