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  1. Mustafa Hacalaki's rating of the film Kidnapped

  2. Disa's rating of the film Kidnapped

    i thought it would be really "brutal" but nah...

  3. __'s rating of the film Kidnapped

    Every character is annoying and every second is dull in this predictable trite piece of crap.

  4. benjamin.ghazi's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Kidnapped pulls off its technical manipulations with aplomb and glee, delivering a violent small-scale thriller bereft of subtext - a wholly different agenda to Funny Games. After an oblique overture, I was slowly entranced by long takes, gripping sound work, solid performances and a fluid, restrained hand-held style. Tension is rationed piecemeal in aid of a third act that almost lands the gut punch it swings for.

  5. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Kidnapped

    An accomplished film-making exercise which nevertheless leaves me unsatisfied because I never care about the people in the movie and, really, it's essential that we care about someone in a movie like this; whether the victims or the villains.

  6. Whiggles's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Interesting, nihilistic little film. The central gimmick of each scene consisting of a single take works better in some places than others, but overall I enjoyed this. Felt at times like a Spanish (and far better) version of THE STRANGERS. This'd be a 3.5/5 if MUBI supported half-star ratings.

  7. vordven's rating of the film Kidnapped

  8. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Kidnapped

    not bad, but it didn't suit my taste & sometimes too much cam-experiments - he laughs best, who laughs last..!

  9. Sascha Milivojevic's rating of the film Kidnapped

    nasty little home invasion thriller. the ending hit me like a punch in the stomach.

  10. Marco Tassinari's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Girato da dio, ma veramente, è forse il miglior "derivato" di Funny Games. Beffardo, cattivo, ma non platealmente meta-testuale come Hanake, mi ha ricordato, nello spirito, Reazione a Catena di Bava.

  11. Alexandre Paré's rating of the film Kidnapped

    It was a poor man's "Funny Games" in which there wasn't any effort to make any of the characters likeable or, at the very least, interesting. It is nothing more than an annoying exercise, which is sad because there was something to be done with the premise.

  12. Loup Julien's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Like Gaspard Noé's Movies but in a spanish way :D

  13. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Like A Serbian Film and Martyrs, this is not a film to be "enjoyed". It is a film made to pummel you and keep you up at night.

  14. JapeMan's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Thinking about watching either this or Trollhunter for my foreign horror fix. This sort of looks like "Funny Games" without the satirical edge. Any ideas what I should watch?

  15. MR. Universe's rating of the film Kidnapped

    Wow, this film is disturbing it reminds me of "Funny Games" exceot without a message and not as much artistic touches. The film is great though i don't know how many repeated views it will get. it is very disturbing and not for the squemish. At first i thought it was another run of the mill thriller, but by the middle it totally has you in it's grip.

  16. Jordany's rating of the film Kidnapped

    This would just be another home invasion horror/thriller if it wasn't for the split screen and abrupt ending (the story itself is not that interesting), both of which have been used with more innovation but it does add some level of suspense/intrigue since the whole plot revolves around one night.