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  1. Photo of Catti Edfeldt

    Catti Edfeldt Director

  2. Photo of Ylva Gustavsson

    Ylva Gustavsson Screenplay, Director

  3. Photo of Hans Renhäll

    Hans Renhäll Screenplay

  4. Photo of Beylula Kidane Adgoy

    Beylula Kidane Adgoy Cast

  5. Photo of Gustaf Skarsgård

    Gustaf Skarsgård Cast

  6. Photo of Embla Hjulström

    Embla Hjulström Cast

  7. Photo of Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown Cast

  8. Photo of Sanna Ekman

    Sanna Ekman Cast

  9. Photo of Sunil Munshi

    Sunil Munshi Cast

  10. Photo of Hannu Kiaviaho

    Hannu Kiaviaho Cast

  11. Photo of Teodor Runsjö

    Teodor Runsjö Cast

  12. Photo of Jonathan Kurkson

    Jonathan Kurkson Cast

  13. Photo of Alejandro Castillo

    Alejandro Castillo Cast

  14. Photo of Dogge Doggelito

    Dogge Doggelito Cast

  15. Photo of Ahmadu Jah

    Ahmadu Jah Cast

  16. Photo of Fredrik Eddari

    Fredrik Eddari Cast

  17. Photo of Olle Sarri

    Olle Sarri Cast

  18. Photo of Douglas Johansson

    Douglas Johansson Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Jezewski

    Peter Jezewski Cast

  20. Photo of Jacob Mohlin

    Jacob Mohlin Cast

  21. Photo of Marienette Dahlin

    Marienette Dahlin Cast

  22. Photo of Cesar Fulgencio

    Cesar Fulgencio Cast

  23. Photo of Majken Pollack

    Majken Pollack Cast

  24. Photo of Eduardo Grutzky

    Eduardo Grutzky Cast

  25. Photo of Christopher Mhina

    Christopher Mhina Cast

  26. Photo of Peter Holthausen

    Peter Holthausen Producer

  27. Photo of Peter Possne

    Peter Possne Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Pontus Sjöman

    Pontus Sjöman Producer

  29. Photo of Fabian Torsson

    Fabian Torsson Music

  30. Photo of Jallo Faber

    Jallo Faber Cinematography

  31. Photo of Roger Sellberg

    Roger Sellberg Editing

  32. Photo of Lars Strömsten

    Lars Strömsten Production Design