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  1. Zach Closs's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Kitano’s films have always been a tonal balancing act, and “Kikujiro” is no exception, juggling sobriety, sentiment, slapstick and savagery in a way that really shouldn’t work as well as it does. It’s a cocktail western critics evidently found more palatable within the confines of the crime genre, but this film is one-of-a-kind; visually arresting, contemplative, weird and wonderful.

  2. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Kikujiro

    It's interesting to see Kitano bring his more slapstick comedic persona into his drama (nice to see fellow Beat Kiyoshi in a cameo too). This makes for some very funny moments alongside some set pieces of surreal tenderness, especially in the final third. If overall the film lacks a sense of dramatic development, its whimsicality and underlying thoughtfulness make for an enjoyable and often moving experience.

  3. moniquekidman's rating of the film Kikujiro

    A nice, charming road movie that features both some genuinely emotional moments as well as interesting frame compositions (such as the shot of Kikujiro and Masao reflected in the rim of a car's wheel as it drives away). Beat Takeshi is a great physical comedian.

  4. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Superb, funny, sweet, abrasive tale of a young boy who ends up taken on the road by a crotchety old man (Takeshi Kitano) out to take whatever he can get.

  5. Amy Cavender's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Kitano explores the naivety of childhood with simplicity and charm. The cinematography in this film is truly beautiful and gives the film a wonderful aesthetic. The many silences throughout seem to implore the audience to constantly reflect. While at times I found Kikujiro's character to be hard to relate to, the boyish innocent charm of Kitano seems to make them the perfectly balanced pair.

  6. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Five stars for the soundtrack though.

  7. Christopher W's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Loved it....a really enjoyable film - Masao touches your heart,truly.

  8. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Very enjoyable. Lots of lovely moments. Octopus man! And the alien! The last 30 minutes are the most enjoyable, but you need the context of the rest of the film to appreciate them. Charming with an edge.

  9. SiIencio's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Little tale of bond and redemption quick on the joke and the slapstick but equally often struggling for pathos. Kitano once more shows technical ability and a very neat execution but does not match them with a robust powerful story to burst the dam of emotions. In fact the film often feels decaf, weak, a little bit lost in pointless alleys, trying to say something very simple with too many words.

  10. Umberto L.'s rating of the film Kikujiro

    One of the sweetest films that I have ever watched, and in a good sense. The 1990s nostalgia that it oozes is the icing on the cake for me.

  11. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Kikujiro

    La meravigliosa amicizia tra uno yakuza gaglioffo ed un bimbo speranzoso. Il grande viaggio del piccolo Masao verso la poco presente figura materna è adorno di scelte registiche rischiose, ma sempre vincenti, grazie al solito Kitano che la paura di osare non sa nemmeno che forma abbia. I giochi, le sfighe e i pianti sono tenuti assieme egregiamente, grazie anche alla spettacolare musica di Hisaishi. Che bello.

  12. FISCHER's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Une autre facette de Takeshi Kitano. L'oeuvre peut étonner, pour ceux qui ne connaissent du réalisateur que ces films "noirs" en oubliant ces prestations passées à la télévision japonaise comme acteur comique invétéré. Pour notre part, malgré une évidente sympathie pour cette réalisation, notre admiration reste tout de même mitigée...

  13. Arkaprava Paul's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Watch it for Kitano San ... and of course the score by Mr Joe Hisaishi . A nice film at best .

  14. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Kikujiro

  15. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Kikujiro

  16. Alex Lewis's rating of the film Kikujiro

    nothing quite like slapping the wrong kid

  17. ikkini's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Kitano fait un film trop mignon avec une musique trop mignonne d'Hisaichi, ça colle aux dents, mais ça marche !

  18. dizzyHeights's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Nice idea in general, but the movie doesn't make it easy for it's audience to build a connection with the main characters. Also, there is not much character development and in the few moments where it is visible, it's not well explained or prepared.

  19. Achim Grün's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Comedy doesn't suit Kitano so well. Last third of the movie was quite nice though.

  20. superwolf's rating of the film Kikujiro

    ... best medizine when you lost hope for live and are ready to kill somebody or yourself. Kitano is my hero

  21. esen özen's rating of the film Kikujiro

    Küçük bir çocukla çıktığı gönülsüz bir yolculukta 'kendi yüreğini' keşfeden, mutluluğu bir çocuğun mutluluğunda bulan bir adamın hikayesi. Sevgi üzerine güzel bir yapım.

  22. Chichago_'s rating of the film Kikujiro

  23. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film Kikujiro

    The japanese art of balance. Heartbreaking and heartwarming.

  24. Wasunan T's rating of the film Kikujiro

    quirky film with nice cinematography

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