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  1. Photo of Michael Glawogger

    Michael Glawogger Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Josef Haslinger

    Josef Haslinger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Helmut Köpping

    Helmut Köpping Cast

  4. Photo of Christian Tramitz

    Christian Tramitz Cast

  5. Photo of Sabine Timoteo

    Sabine Timoteo Cast

  6. Photo of Ulrich Tukur

    Ulrich Tukur Cast

  7. Photo of Itzhak Fintzi

    Itzhak Fintzi Cast

  8. Photo of Samuel Finzi

    Samuel Finzi Cast

  9. Photo of Michou Friesz

    Michou Friesz Cast

  10. Photo of Franziska Weisz

    Franziska Weisz Cast

  11. Photo of Marisa Growaldt

    Marisa Growaldt Cast

  12. Photo of Otto Tausig

    Otto Tausig Cast

  13. Photo of Jeremy Strong

    Jeremy Strong Cast

  14. Photo of Attila Boa

    Attila Boa Cinematography

  15. Photo of Olga Neuwirth

    Olga Neuwirth Music

  16. Photo of Bertram Strauß

    Bertram Strauß Production Design

  17. Photo of Christine Ruppert

    Christine Ruppert Producer

  18. Photo of Helga Binder

    Helga Binder Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Vessela Martschewski

    Vessela Martschewski Editing