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  1. Photo of Chen Yao-Chi

    Chen Yao-Chi Director

  2. Photo of Lu Hsiao-fen

    Lu Hsiao-fen Cast

  3. Photo of Chang Fu-Mei

    Chang Fu-Mei Cast

  4. Photo of Chao Shu-Hai

    Chao Shu-Hai Cast

  5. Photo of Chang Ping-Ping

    Chang Ping-Ping Cast

  6. Photo of Chen Chih-chen

    Chen Chih-chen Cast

  7. Photo of Jen Chen

    Jen Chen Cast

  8. Photo of Chiu Cheng-Fei

    Chiu Cheng-Fei Cast

  9. Photo of Huang Tien-Ru

    Huang Tien-Ru Cast

  10. Photo of Hui Wen-Chuen

    Hui Wen-Chuen Cast

  11. Photo of Ku Yin

    Ku Yin Cast

  12. Photo of Chang An Li

    Chang An Li Cast

  13. Photo of Mao Ching-Shun

    Mao Ching-Shun Cast

  14. Photo of Meng Yuan

    Meng Yuan Cast

  15. Photo of Yi-wen Shih

    Yi-wen Shih Cast

  16. Photo of Meng Tien

    Meng Tien Cast