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  1. Photo of John Dahl

    John Dahl Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael Kühn

    Michael Kühn Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Nigel Sinclair

    Nigel Sinclair Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Steve Golin

    Steve Golin Producer

  5. Photo of Sigurjon Sighvatsson

    Sigurjon Sighvatsson Producer

  6. Photo of David W. Warfield

    David W. Warfield Producer and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jacques Steyn

    Jacques Steyn Cinematography

  8. Photo of Val Kilmer

    Val Kilmer Cast

  9. Photo of Pat Mulligan

    Pat Mulligan Cast

  10. Photo of Nick Dimitri

    Nick Dimitri Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen Cast

  12. Photo of Joanne Whalley

    Joanne Whalley Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Schuch

    Robert Schuch Cast

  14. Photo of Duane Tucker

    Duane Tucker Cast

  15. Photo of Eric L. Beason

    Eric L. Beason Editing

  16. Photo of Frank E. Jimenez

    Frank E. Jimenez Editing

  17. Photo of Jonathan P. Shaw

    Jonathan P. Shaw Editing

  18. Photo of Michelle Minch

    Michelle Minch Production Design

  19. Photo of William Olvis

    William Olvis Music

  20. Photo of Terry Dresbach

    Terry Dresbach Costume Design

  21. Photo of Molly Flanegin

    Molly Flanegin Cast

  22. Photo of Bibi Besch

    Bibi Besch Cast

  23. Photo of Jon Gries

    Jon Gries Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Sharrett

    Michael Sharrett Cast

  25. Photo of Michael Greene

    Michael Greene Cast

  26. Photo of Lee Wilkof

    Lee Wilkof Cast

  27. Photo of Joseph Carberry

    Joseph Carberry Cast