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  1. Photo of Francesco Maselli

    Francesco Maselli Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Andrea Barbato

    Andrea Barbato Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ennio De Concini

    Ennio De Concini Screenplay

  4. Photo of Biagio Proietti

    Biagio Proietti Screenplay

  5. Photo of Monica Vitti

    Monica Vitti Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Sorel

    Jean Sorel Cast

  7. Photo of Roberto Bisacco

    Roberto Bisacco Cast

  8. Photo of Daniela Surina

    Daniela Surina Cast

  9. Photo of Barbara Pilavin

    Barbara Pilavin Cast

  10. Photo of John Stacy

    John Stacy Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Felleghy

    Tom Felleghy Cast

  12. Photo of Madeline Foy

    Madeline Foy Cast

  13. Photo of Gianni Solaro

    Gianni Solaro Cast

  14. Photo of Valerio Tordi

    Valerio Tordi Cast

  15. Photo of Romano Giomini

    Romano Giomini Cast

  16. Photo of Enzo Maggio

    Enzo Maggio Cast

  17. Photo of Max Turilli

    Max Turilli Cast

  18. Photo of Rodolfo Frattaioli

    Rodolfo Frattaioli Cast

  19. Photo of Ferruccio Fregonese

    Ferruccio Fregonese Cast

  20. Photo of Chantal Chachin

    Chantal Chachin Cast

  21. Photo of Mario Cipparone

    Mario Cipparone Cast

  22. Photo of Tullio Altamura

    Tullio Altamura Cast

  23. Photo of Massimo Sarchielli

    Massimo Sarchielli Cast

  24. Photo of Alfio Contini

    Alfio Contini Cinematography

  25. Photo of Gianni Marchetti

    Gianni Marchetti Music

  26. Photo of Luigi Scaccianoce

    Luigi Scaccianoce Production Design

  27. Photo of Franco Cristaldi

    Franco Cristaldi Producer

  28. Photo of Nicoletta Nardi

    Nicoletta Nardi Editing