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  1. Photo of Miguel Madrid

    Miguel Madrid Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of David Rocha

    David Rocha Cast

  3. Photo of Inma de Santis

    Inma de Santis Cast

  4. Photo of Helga Liné

    Helga Liné Cast

  5. Photo of Elisenda Ribas

    Elisenda Ribas Cast

  6. Photo of Marina Ferri

    Marina Ferri Cast

  7. Photo of Lupe Rocha

    Lupe Rocha Cast

  8. Photo of Salvador Buchila

    Salvador Buchila Cast

  9. Photo of Alejandra Del Río

    Alejandra Del Río Cast

  10. Photo of Marta Flores

    Marta Flores Cast

  11. Photo of Susana Taber

    Susana Taber Cast

  12. Photo of Isabel Gallardo

    Isabel Gallardo Cast

  13. Photo of Rebeca Romer

    Rebeca Romer Cast

  14. Photo of Gaspar "Indio" González

    Gaspar "Indio" González Cast

  15. Photo of Antonio Moreno

    Antonio Moreno Cast

  16. Photo of Enric Majó

    Enric Majó Cast

  17. Photo of Rafael 'Indio' González Jr.

    Rafael 'Indio' González Jr. Cast

  18. Photo of José Lifante

    José Lifante Cast

  19. Photo of Ventura Oller

    Ventura Oller Cast

  20. Photo of Francisco Oteo

    Francisco Oteo Cast

  21. Photo of Luis Induni

    Luis Induni Cast

  22. Photo of Juan Miguel Solano

    Juan Miguel Solano Cast

  23. Photo of Juan Torres

    Juan Torres Cast

  24. Photo of José Palomo

    José Palomo Cast

  25. Photo of María Condal

    María Condal Cast

  26. Photo of Antonio Molino Rojo

    Antonio Molino Rojo Cast

  27. Photo of Pablo Ripoll

    Pablo Ripoll Cinematography

  28. Photo of Alfonso G. Santisteban

    Alfonso G. Santisteban Music

  29. Photo of Jacinto Ferrer

    Jacinto Ferrer Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Luis Puigvert

    Luis Puigvert Editing