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  1. Photo of Frank Harris

    Frank Harris Director, Cinematography, Editing, Screenplay & 1 more
    Frank Harris Director, Cinematography, Editing, Screenplay, Producer

  2. Photo of Leo Fong

    Leo Fong Cast and Producer

  3. Photo of Richard Roundtree

    Richard Roundtree Cast

  4. Photo of Cameron Mitchell

    Cameron Mitchell Cast

  5. Photo of Stack Pierce

    Stack Pierce Cast

  6. Photo of Diane Stevenett

    Diane Stevenett Cast and Producer

  7. Photo of Richard L. Johnson

    Richard L. Johnson Cast

  8. Photo of Steve Adams

    Steve Adams Cast

  9. Photo of Branscombe Richmond

    Branscombe Richmond Cast

  10. Photo of Herman Jeffreys

    Herman Jeffreys Music

  11. Photo of Daryl Stevenett

    Daryl Stevenett Music

  12. Photo of Charles Goldman

    Charles Goldman Producer

  13. Photo of Hope Holiday

    Hope Holiday Producer and Cast

  14. Photo of Roger Jacobson

    Roger Jacobson Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Dana Welch

    Dana Welch Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Larry Westover

    Larry Westover Art Department

  17. Photo of Jennifer Chung

    Jennifer Chung Art Department

  18. Photo of Ron Adams

    Ron Adams Special Effects