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  1. Photo of Martin Asphaug

    Martin Asphaug Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Håkan Nesser

    Håkan Nesser Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anton Lundqvist

    Anton Lundqvist Cast

  4. Photo of Jesper Adefelt

    Jesper Adefelt Cast

  5. Photo of Jonas Karlsson

    Jonas Karlsson Cast

  6. Photo of Helena af Sandeberg

    Helena af Sandeberg Cast

  7. Photo of Johan H:son Kjellgren

    Johan H:son Kjellgren Cast

  8. Photo of Leif Andrée

    Leif Andrée Cast

  9. Photo of Anders Ahlbom

    Anders Ahlbom Cast

  10. Photo of Bo Andersson

    Bo Andersson Cast

  11. Photo of Emil Johnsen

    Emil Johnsen Cast

  12. Photo of Chatarina Larsson

    Chatarina Larsson Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Viitanen

    Peter Viitanen Cast

  14. Photo of Philip Øgaard

    Philip Øgaard Cinematography

  15. Photo of Stefan Nilsson

    Stefan Nilsson Music

  16. Photo of Eva Norén

    Eva Norén Production Design

  17. Photo of Waldemar Bergendahl

    Waldemar Bergendahl Producer

  18. Photo of Kerstin Bonnier

    Kerstin Bonnier Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Johan Mardell

    Johan Mardell Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Jan-Olof Svarvar

    Jan-Olof Svarvar Editing

  21. Photo of Arttu Kontkanen

    Arttu Kontkanen Sound

  22. Photo of Dan Widegren

    Dan Widegren Sound