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  1. Photo of Frederic Golchan

    Frederic Golchan Director

  2. Photo of Veronica Alicino

    Veronica Alicino Cast

  3. Photo of Gabrielle Anwar

    Gabrielle Anwar Cast

  4. Photo of Willow Anwar

    Willow Anwar Cast

  5. Photo of Philippe Angers

    Philippe Angers Cast

  6. Photo of Sean Astin

    Sean Astin Cast

  7. Photo of Thomas Burke

    Thomas Burke Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Bush

    Peter Bush Cast

  9. Photo of Colleen Byrne

    Colleen Byrne Cast

  10. Photo of Peggy Cafferty

    Peggy Cafferty Cast

  11. Photo of Patty Duke

    Patty Duke Cast

  12. Photo of Lainie Kazan

    Lainie Kazan Cast

  13. Photo of Molly Ringwald

    Molly Ringwald Cast

  14. Photo of Christopher Rydell

    Christopher Rydell Cast