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  1. Gali's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Many parts already outdated by now and this film did not age well in the last five or six years.

  2. siobhantebbs's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    This doc brings you right up close to the suffering of individuals and their families in NK that looks a long way from being curbed. Inspiring to hear the escape stories but the clear trauma in the escapees' words don't bring us cathartic tales so much as horrifying illumination of the way life still is for many people in NK.

  3. Rogério Giugliano's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Estrelas pela importância do tema e pela força dos testemunhos, mas cinematograficamente um pouco decepcionante.

  4. Justepourmesouveniraprès's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Ok, it's important to know about torture and the brainwhash that's going on on Korea for decades. But this documentary is tasteless. Sometimes (in this case, almost everytime) what people say is sad enough or strong enough. But the director tries to underline it with to much music, animations and tasteless stuff. It's just boring.

  5. James Mackin's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    One of those documentaries about a travesty and how it affected various people. I was expecting a documentary on the cult of personality that is the Kim family, but oh well.

  6. Pascale Théoret-Groulx's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Giving a 3 is a bit hard for me for its unnecessary over-dramatisation of the subject matter (It's already incredibly dramatic, no need to spread it even thicker) and for the poor editing and stylistic choices. But as others mention, it's still a powerful film simply for exposition North Korea's incredibly disturbing regime and practices and for its courageous testimonies. despite the total repression

  7. Ioana's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    very important to expose North Korea's regime by as many documentaries and sources as possible. Maybe more awareness will bring forth that change we wish for. That being said, I don't like the particular style of this documentary, from an artistic pov, but the content is what gives its value.

  8. Carmen Munteanu's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Brave testimonials. It's the first time in 25 years I had the courage to watch a documentary about terror and dictatorship . You should see it. Knowing the history so we never again repeat it. I'm from Romania. I usually was the 2nd in the 1st "C" in Ceausescu's name' body-shaped-shows. We've killed Ceausescu. On Christmas "89. But the communism sick legacy - not yet.

  9. brandos's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    hit or miss at times. but coming from a country which was also plagued by a dictatorship (which also came with the standard soviet cult of personality that was actually inspired by kim il-sung and mao) i can't help but overlook some cheesy choices in directing. breaks my heart to see how hopeful most defectors were that north korea would rise again after kim jong-il died and they just got his junior replacement.

  10. aaa88's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    It must be seen for have an idea about North Korea, so I need to give it an high rate. Visually -except animations- this documentary is very cheesy, but maybe it's necessary for hit the wider target possible.

  11. violaziluolan's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    An exceptional documentary. I never thought that the situation in that country could be so bad. And that other country persist in fostering it. A real shame.

  12. Stefano Pesenti C.'s rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Shocking documentary to say the least.... I wonder why these atrocities are still allowed and going on...

  13. Ace Raden's rating of the film Kimjongilia

  14. silvia ana cabieses's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Extraordinario documental. Una pieza de arte. Los encuadres son buenos y originales. La música es hermosa. Los testimonios son desgarradores y la edición entre un testimonio y otro está muy bien ensamblada con una línea de historia y con una mujer que usa su cuerpo a través de la danza para señalar con fuerza lo que se vive en Korea del Norte

  15. msmichel's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Interpretive dance? Really? Amateurish production values that seem to imply the filmmaker thinks they're being 'arty' not realizing the conceits lessen the message dramatically. A major miss.

  16. katballo's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    very informative overall great. but pretty dumb interpretive female dancing.

  17. bencor's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    too michael moorish. maybe western civilization has failed me since i ironically ate while starting this. oh the inhumanity.

  18. EdieEmm's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Deceptively powerful. Those who won't like the choppy, slightly manic, mixed-media style should find enough weight in the actual content to make the movie worth their while. Animation, N.Korean kitsch and quirky propaganda provide effective - if amateurish - juxtaposition for the much heavier political/humanitarian themes of the film. Also the 1st interpretive dance scene in a movie that hasn't made me want to vomit.

  19. TimoNanda's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    this was very hit or miss. editing style was distracting. content interesting but ill formatted. i could not watch it.

  20. jamesey's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Content and message is 5 star, but the interpretive dance and weird cuts of the interviewers was goofy. There are a dozen documentaries about North Korea. This is one of them.

  21. creede's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    Four stars for the rarity of getting NorKo refugees on camera speaking out about the atrocities taking place there to this day, combined with the film footage that was acquired from who knows where. Difficult to watch, but worthy.

  22. Steven Cohen's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    In the wake of The Interview, this documentary sheds light on the atrocities being committed in North Korea. The version of North Korea presented to the world at large and the harsh reality are well-contrasted, but the rest of the film doesn't live up to that standard. The quality of the filmmaking is akin to something you might find on third-tier cable. It's a valiant effort, but poorly executed.

  23. sedmacedo's rating of the film Kimjongilia

  24. Howard Orr's rating of the film Kimjongilia

    The eyewitness story of North Korea can do nothing else but fascinate and appal in equal measure, whatever the misjudgements in presentation. One day something like the full story will come out, and dancing will not be on the itinerary.

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