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  1. Photo of Chen Kaige

    Chen Kaige Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wu Tianming

    Wu Tianming Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ah Cheng

    Ah Cheng Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gu Changwei

    Gu Changwei Cinematography and Cast

  5. Photo of Xie Yuan

    Xie Yuan Cast

  6. Photo of Yang Xuewen

    Yang Xuewen Cast

  7. Photo of Chen Shaohua

    Chen Shaohua Cast

  8. Photo of Zhang Caimei

    Zhang Caimei Cast

  9. Photo of Xu Guoqing

    Xu Guoqing Cast

  10. Photo of Le Gang

    Le Gang Cast

  11. Photo of Tuo Tan

    Tuo Tan Cast

  12. Photo of Wu Xia

    Wu Xia Cast

  13. Photo of Tao Jing

    Tao Jing Sound