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Ratings & Reviews

  1. NICOLE86's rating of the film King Ralph

    O'toole was probably so shit faced he thought he was doing an episode of Masterpiece Theater.

  2. Susana Bessa's rating of the film King Ralph

    Do you want humour? Do you want to have a good time? Do you want to see a great big yankee being the new King of England? Then here it is: John Goodman's americanisms take over the british posh world where O'Toole clearly fits in, creating a wonderful funny combination. Must I might add that this was one of the first films I've seen in my life, when at four I found a dirty VHS tape of it in the attic.

  3. chanandre's rating of the film King Ralph

    How hilarious would life be if the actual king of England was as corny, cheap and coarse like this? Pretty funny indeed. Always did love the fish-out-of-water men. Goodman all-americanism versus O'Toole's uber all-britishcism is great.