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  1. Photo of Bryan Forbes

    Bryan Forbes Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of James Clavell

    James Clavell Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Segal

    George Segal Cast

  4. Photo of Tom Courtenay

    Tom Courtenay Cast

  5. Photo of James Fox

    James Fox Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick O'Neal

    Patrick O'Neal Cast

  7. Photo of Denholm Elliott

    Denholm Elliott Cast

  8. Photo of James Donald

    James Donald Cast

  9. Photo of Todd Armstrong

    Todd Armstrong Cast

  10. Photo of John Mills

    John Mills Cast

  11. Photo of Gerald Sim

    Gerald Sim Cast

  12. Photo of Leonard Rossiter

    Leonard Rossiter Cast

  13. Photo of John Standing

    John Standing Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Webb

    Alan Webb Cast

  15. Photo of John Ronane

    John Ronane Cast

  16. Photo of Sammy Reese

    Sammy Reese Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Lees

    Michael Lees Cast

  18. Photo of Wright King

    Wright King Cast

  19. Photo of Hamilton Dyce

    Hamilton Dyce Cast

  20. Photo of Joe Turkel

    Joe Turkel Cast

  21. Photo of John Merivale

    John Merivale Cast

  22. Photo of Geoffrey Bayldon

    Geoffrey Bayldon Cast

  23. Photo of Reg Lye

    Reg Lye Cast

  24. Photo of Arthur Malet

    Arthur Malet Cast

  25. Photo of Hedley Mattingly

    Hedley Mattingly Cast

  26. Photo of Dale Ishimoto

    Dale Ishimoto Cast

  27. Photo of John Levingston

    John Levingston Cast

  28. Photo of Teru Shimada

    Teru Shimada Cast

  29. Photo of Richard Dawson

    Richard Dawson Cast

  30. Photo of Michael Stroka

    Michael Stroka Cast

  31. Photo of William Fawcett

    William Fawcett Cast

  32. Photo of Roy Duane

    Roy Duane Cast

  33. Photo of John Orchard

    John Orchard Cast

  34. Photo of Larry Conroy

    Larry Conroy Cast

  35. Photo of John Warburton

    John Warburton Cast

  36. Photo of David Haviland

    David Haviland Cast

  37. Photo of Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson Cast

  38. Photo of Burnett Guffey

    Burnett Guffey Cinematography

  39. Photo of John Barry

    John Barry Music

  40. Photo of Robert Emmet Smith

    Robert Emmet Smith Production Design

  41. Photo of Marvin Miller

    Marvin Miller Producer

  42. Photo of James Woolf

    James Woolf Producer

  43. Photo of Walter Thompson

    Walter Thompson Editing