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  1. gld48's rating of the film Kingpin

    bill murray & woody harrelson are all that's needed

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Kingpin

    Par les auteurs de "Dumber and dumber", une comédie qui se plait à parodier allègrement "L'arnaqueur" et "Witness". Bien sûr la finesse et la subtilité ne sont pas toujours au rendez-vous, mais l'on se (sur)prend à sourire...

  3. Jamie Morren's rating of the film Kingpin

    Kingpin: The Jeremy Beadle story. Names have been changed.

  4. HKFanatic's rating of the film Kingpin

    "Kingpin" comes to life every time Bill Murray is onscreen. It's a performance so good it makes you wonder just why Murray seemed to spend so much of the Nineties struggling to find decent work. As for the rest of "Kingpin," it's a mildly diverting sports spoof that pales in comparison to "Dumb & Dumber" when you consider how much of the film is an endless series of montages set to forgettable pop rock tunes.

  5.'s rating of the film Kingpin

    (...)Der Plot folgt an sich dem so vieler anderer Sportfilme, wobei Kingpin aber jede Menge Lacher bietet, die man überhaupt nicht vorhersieht. Überhaupt ist Kingpin ein wagemutiger Film! Am Set der Farrelly Brothers gabs keinen Raum für guten Geschmack, Vernunft oder Zaghaftigkeit. Die Farrellys machen keine Gefangenen!

  6. Ethan's rating of the film Kingpin

    This is one hilarious film. This Woody Harrelson at his comedic best, Randy Quaid at his silliest, and Bill Murray at his doucheist. This is probably my favorite Farrelly Brothers film. A delightful comedy inside an underdog sports movie and the second best movie about bowling.

  7. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Kingpin

  8. João Rocha's rating of the film Kingpin

    Bill Murray hair is the biggest star here

  9. kris's rating of the film Kingpin

    A great comedy, i watched this over and over as a teenager. It still holds memories and laughs for me so i intend to watch it again :) HEY MUNSUN :p>

  10. Diego Ravazzolo's rating of the film Kingpin

    If there weren't Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson this movie would be a huge crap.

  11. mjgildea's rating of the film Kingpin

    Kingpin wasn't quite as great as I was lead to believe it would be. All the "great" parts blown for me years ago and a funny performance from Woody Harrelson. Bill Murray was amusing but not great (he was almost at rock bottom with Space Jam before Rushmore) and the Amish Blues Traveler credits number didn't need to happen. Not exactly what I expected but not exactly a classic either.

  12. butterflycaught's rating of the film Kingpin

    I'm not ashamed of loving this piece! It makes a Sunday morning run smoothly.

  13. Tiago Batista Santos's rating of the film Kingpin

    Yes, it's neanderthal, but it's the funniest, the most heart-warming, honest and underrated comedy of the 90's. 9 out of 10

  14. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Kingpin

    indecent proposal spoof is funny. whole movie is a parody of the color of money.

  15. Yass's rating of the film Kingpin

    J'ai regardé ce film parce qu'il était dans la liste des films les plus drôles du monde. Bon bah je sais pas trop pourquoi il y était, par contre. Drôle pour quelqu'un qui aime les comédies un peu pouet-pouet sauce américaine, sur fond de losers (un peu) attachants, mais surtout très clichés ; pas (trop) drôle pour les autres.

  16. HenriqueA's rating of the film Kingpin

    Boring as hell. Not even Bill Murray could've saved this.

  17. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Kingpin

  18. Danny Derakhshan's rating of the film Kingpin

    Bill Murray is a genius, the writing is hilarious.