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  1. Photo of Marc-Henri Wajnberg

    Marc-Henri Wajnberg Screenplay, Director Executive Producer

  2. Photo of José Mawanda

    José Mawanda Cast

  3. Photo of Rachel Mwanza

    Rachel Mwanza Cast

  4. Photo of Emmanuel Fakoko

    Emmanuel Fakoko Cast

  5. Photo of Gabi Bolenge

    Gabi Bolenge Cast

  6. Photo of Gauthier Kiloko

    Gauthier Kiloko Cast

  7. Photo of Joël Eziegue

    Joël Eziegue Cast

  8. Photo of Mickaël Fataki

    Mickaël Fataki Cast

  9. Photo of Samy Molebe

    Samy Molebe Cast

  10. Photo of Bebson Elemba

    Bebson Elemba Cast

  11. Photo of Papa Wemba

    Papa Wemba Cast

  12. Photo of Danny Elsen

    Danny Elsen Cinematography

  13. Photo of Colin Houben

    Colin Houben Cinematography

  14. Photo of The Diable Aza Te

    The Diable Aza Te Music

  15. Photo of Pierre-Yves Le Cunff

    Pierre-Yves Le Cunff Production Design

  16. Photo of Peter Krüger

    Peter Krüger Producer

  17. Photo of Serge Guez

    Serge Guez Producer

  18. Photo of Marie-Hélène Dozo

    Marie-Hélène Dozo Editing

  19. Photo of Luc Cuveele

    Luc Cuveele Sound

  20. Photo of Marc Engels

    Marc Engels Sound

  21. Photo of Cyril Mossé

    Cyril Mossé Sound