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  1. Photo of Alrick Brown

    Alrick Brown Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Patricia Janvier

    Patricia Janvier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ishmael Ntihabose

    Ishmael Ntihabose Screenplay and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Charles Plath

    Charles Plath Screenplay

  5. Photo of Cassandra Freeman

    Cassandra Freeman Cast

  6. Photo of Edouard Bamporiki

    Edouard Bamporiki Cast

  7. Photo of Cleophas Kabasita

    Cleophas Kabasita Cast

  8. Photo of Edouard B. Uwayo

    Edouard B. Uwayo Cast

  9. Photo of Zaninka Hadidja

    Zaninka Hadidja Cast

  10. Photo of Mutsari Jean

    Mutsari Jean Cast

  11. Photo of Hassan Kabera

    Hassan Kabera Cast

  12. Photo of Marc Gwamaka

    Marc Gwamaka Cast

  13. Photo of Mazimpaka Kennedy

    Mazimpaka Kennedy Cast

  14. Photo of Assumpta Micho

    Assumpta Micho Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Mutsari

    Jean Mutsari Cast

  16. Photo of Kena Onyenjekwe

    Kena Onyenjekwe Cast

  17. Photo of Hadidja Zaninka

    Hadidja Zaninka Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Vecchione

    Daniel Vecchione Cinematography

  19. Photo of John Jennings Boyd

    John Jennings Boyd Music

  20. Photo of Sibomana Omar Mukhtar

    Sibomana Omar Mukhtar Production Design

  21. Photo of Darren Dean

    Darren Dean Producer

  22. Photo of Tommy Oliver

    Tommy Oliver Producer

  23. Photo of Tovah Leibowitz

    Tovah Leibowitz Editing