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  1. Photo of Marcus DeLeon

    Marcus DeLeon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christopher Wooden

    Christopher Wooden Screenplay

  3. Photo of Julie Carmen

    Julie Carmen Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Beltran

    Robert Beltran Cast

  5. Photo of Guy Boyd

    Guy Boyd Cast

  6. Photo of Ramón Franco

    Ramón Franco Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Boswell

    Charles Boswell Cast

  8. Photo of Sam Vlahos

    Sam Vlahos Cast

  9. Photo of Brad Blaisdell

    Brad Blaisdell Cast

  10. Photo of Marita De Leon

    Marita De Leon Cast

  11. Photo of Nancy Schreiber

    Nancy Schreiber Cinematography

  12. Photo of Nigel Holton

    Nigel Holton Music

  13. Photo of James R. Shumaker

    James R. Shumaker Production Design

  14. Photo of Catherine Cyran

    Catherine Cyran Producer

  15. Photo of Craig J. Nevius

    Craig J. Nevius Producer

  16. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Glenn Garland

    Glenn Garland Editing

  19. Photo of Richard Gentner

    Richard Gentner Editing

  20. Photo of Vanick Moradian

    Vanick Moradian Editing

  21. Photo of Bryan Godwin

    Bryan Godwin Editing

  22. Photo of Merry Cheers

    Merry Cheers Sound

  23. Photo of Lisle Engle

    Lisle Engle Sound

  24. Photo of Bruce Murphy

    Bruce Murphy Sound

  25. Photo of Jeremy Pitts

    Jeremy Pitts Sound

  26. Photo of Paulina Ratajczak

    Paulina Ratajczak Sound

  27. Photo of Dennis Sager

    Dennis Sager Sound

  28. Photo of Meta Jardine

    Meta Jardine Costume Design

  29. Photo of Amy B. Ancona

    Amy B. Ancona Art Department