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  1. Onbestendig's rating of the film Kisses

  2. MicheleMpls's rating of the film Kisses

    I liked that the film wasn't longer than it needed to be. Some stories of this type would have tried to pad out the narrative. Believable, earthy, good film.

  3. Flaspeneer's rating of the film Kisses

    Non-narrative films can be great, but *Kisses* has enough plot and complications for anyone. Every thread is resolved, every theme revisited in this study of the beauty and terror of adolescents tasting freedom. There are moments of joy in which everything stops, like musical numbers without singing. The use of color makes you wonder if it's the cinematography that's stunning or simply the world itself.

  4. Gary's rating of the film Kisses

    Amateur and pointless. Don't waste your time on this.

  5. El Biffo's rating of the film Kisses

    An incredible film, but probably not advisable for children...much scarier than Night of the Hunter, with some scenes too terrifying to show to kids who are the same age as the actors in this film. And I didn't understand all of the Irish dialect, but I was still bowled over, it didn't matter that much in the end. Astounding performances, direction, and cinematography.

  6. Ethan's rating of the film Kisses

    Two kids in a Bob Dylan state of mind just chasing after that illusion of freedom from all the bullshit. A beautifully haunting film that brilliantly uses black and white and color to blur the lines of reality and fantasy.

  7. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Kisses

    You are right, there are no devil, just people. (purely beautiful! I love it!)

  8. LaHaine's rating of the film Kisses

    Great movie for its time limit and wonderful performances that Lance Daly got out of his lead actors. Another film like Adam and Paul that makes dublin look dream like and nightmarish.

  9. botibol's rating of the film Kisses

    Demasiados momentos con estética de videoclip que podrían haber tenido fuerza visual si tuvieran un sentido dentro de la historia, pero al hacer esta aguas se quedan un tantovacíos. La película cae en demasiados tópicos telefílmicos que lo son, precisamente, porque están presentados con la torpeza y la tosquedad con que lo hacen estos productos televisivos. Los últimos quince minutos son sonrojantes.

  10. MR. Universe's rating of the film Kisses

    One of those rare films that mixes innocence and wonder but also introduces darker elements that naturally occur in life. But still manages to retain that original spirit.