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  1. Photo of Umberto Lenzi

    Umberto Lenzi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luis G. de Blain

    Luis G. de Blain Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antonio Troiso

    Antonio Troiso Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lorenzo Robledo

    Lorenzo Robledo Cast

  5. Photo of Mário Pardo

    Mário Pardo Cast

  6. Photo of Consalvo Dell'Arti

    Consalvo Dell'Arti Cast

  7. Photo of José Marco

    José Marco Cast

  8. Photo of Carla Mancini

    Carla Mancini Cast

  9. Photo of Carroll Baker

    Carroll Baker Cast

  10. Photo of Alan Scott

    Alan Scott Cast

  11. Photo of Ida Galli

    Ida Galli Cast

  12. Photo of Eduardo Fajardo

    Eduardo Fajardo Cast

  13. Photo of Silvia Monelli

    Silvia Monelli Cast

  14. Photo of George Rigaud

    George Rigaud Cast

  15. Photo of Franco Fantasia

    Franco Fantasia Cast

  16. Photo of Dada Gallotti

    Dada Gallotti Cast

  17. Photo of Olga Gherardi

    Olga Gherardi Cast

  18. Photo of José F. Aguayo hijo

    José F. Aguayo hijo Cinematography

  19. Photo of Marcello Giombini

    Marcello Giombini Music

  20. Photo of Enzo Alabiso

    Enzo Alabiso Editing