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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Knifer

    Very accomplished vision of provincial contemporary Greece. Beautifully shot in b/w, particularly in the interior scenes (less successful are the Antonionian exterior shots) and expertly acted (Kallimani is superb as the 'slave' who is gradually being transformed to a 'master' and Mourikis is awesome as the brute husband), "Knifer" acts like a blade, tearing apart the pretensions of domesticity. Gripping.

  2. Matutinal Steel's rating of the film Knifer

    There's nothing really going for this movie besides the black and white photography, which seems merely a contrivance. And the Danny McBride lookalike is too distracting.

  3. Joks's rating of the film Knifer

  4. Peter's rating of the film Knifer

    think Jerichow via Stranger Than Paradise-era Jarmusch. the cinematography is jaw-dropping and would give Robby Müller a run for his money. some amazing faces populate this film. there is an impressive creativity coming out of Greece these days...