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  1. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    "To suffer binds you to something higher than yourself." Malick's (post-hiatus) films all share common imagery, techniques, and ideas, but each is more precise, denser, than the last. I am tremendously grateful to have a prominent American voice speaking to the power of transcendence. For some of us, materialism is an utterly hollow approach to life, ultimately untenable—there is no life without faith.

  2. Maratka Alarma's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    по словам одного из критиков в рецензии на The Tree of Life, Малик снимает фильмы так, как будто уверен, что солнце встает по утрам из его собственной задницы. С каждым новым фильмом убеждаюсь, что, возможно, так оно и есть

  3. bryanvmh's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    "Nobody is interested in reality any more." I watched this at my own pace, I probably would have been more uncomfortable with it if I sat diligently in a theatre

  4. fedeyeah's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Prugna che galleggia nel profumo servita in un cappello da uomo

  5. lbunuel's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Exploring this silly duality of pleasure x guilt has become a cliché for some contemporary directors. It had been used to an obnoxious extent in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, but here it reaches a new level of pathetic. Malick pushes two buttons - attraction and disgust - for 2 hours and then inserts some nonsensical voice-over on top of that. It ends up being way inferior to the culture it tries to criticize.

  6. MisterColo93's rating of the film Knight of Cups

  7. cabrapreta's rating of the film Knight of Cups

  8. Alvin Case's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    One of the best films I saw in 2015, and I know plenty of folks don't get it. Let's be clear: it may be devoid of 'story' but it certainly isn't devoid of narrative. 'Storytelling' is often called a necessary ingredient for Films--it's not. One thing cinema can do better than most arts is place you in the mind of the Being at the center. This work is an embodiment of empathic cinema. Genius. 'Story' is best for TV.

  9. jamshid's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Enjoying the film is a matter of patience, about how long anyone can going along with Bale on this shapeless self-discovering journey?! It left me with mixed feelings at the end, There are moments I am deeply connected with, but it was not easy hanging around with a silent man alongside land/sea/cityscapes and modern structures(over-repeated locations) for 2hrs.

  10. Mariana Basílio's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    l'm veeery into those beach shots it's the Lubezki light

  11. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Knight of Cups

  12. thelastronaut's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Such is the poetry of motion. Is the prince asleep? Has he lost his memory of meaning? Or is he newly awakened? And has he now realized how he is to move in this world? "We're not leading the lives we are meant for... we're meant for something else." Are we the prince? Are we meant for something else? Such is the poetry of motion.

  13. o_oo's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    “Living my life is like playing Call of Duty on easy. I just go around and fuck shit up”

  14. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    At the age of thirty, a man leaves a superficial life to seek deeper fulfillment. With virtuosity, Terence MALICK makes us share his visions and his quest. == A ses trente ans, un homme s'éloigne d'une vie superficielle pour chercher à s'accomplir vraiment. Avec virtuosité, Terence MALICK nous fait partager ses visions & sa quête. Christian BALE, Cate BLANCHETT, Nathalie PORTMAN, Brian DENNEHY, Antonio BANDERAS 3,5/5

  15. F/K's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    A Felleini-esque tale filtered through Malick's style

  16. bulgrin's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Style over substance. Pure contemplation, visually stunning.

  17. Iulia Nov's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    e ca o reclamă interminabilă à la calvin klein. îîîîî, dios mio.

  18. film_lies101's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Best parts are when Malik is straight up aping Baraka or Koyaanisqatsi

  19. ryan brennan's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Malick tells the story not just of a man, but of the existence of his soul. The film overlays imposing visuals capturing the isolation, loneliness, and vagrancy of a physical body and space with voice over techniques that create a cinematic exploration of modern existence. The opposition of voices subjectively confiding in some abstract presence, and the camera capturing the corporeal and objective is illuminating.

  20. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Malick reaches for the reflective poetry of Tarkovsky, the gnomic philosophy of association of late-Godard & the dream-play of Angelopoulos, but is hampered by the attention span of Michael Bay. Imagery is constant & unrelenting; too brief & vague to make an impression or to crystallise into something more profound. The portrait of decadence & the ennui of excess is derivative of earlier masters, Fellini & Antonioni.

  21. SeemsLikeFun's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    2.5. I may have a greater appreciation for this after more distance or upon a rewatch. If I can figure out why this necessarily had to be the story of a wealthy Hollywood screenwriter for reasons that aren't trite or just lazy self insert on Malick's part, I think I'll like it much more. I also would need to get past the idea that it's somewhat misogynistic in a really narcissistic way. The tone is strong, though.

  22. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups is pretentious, hard to digest, and repetitive; and despite all of that, there is a clear vision and some stunning cinematography. Were it not handled by the direction of Malick it'd easily be unwatchable. I can see the artistic value that some have praised it for, but I'm closer to the side of never feeling the need to watch this again.

  23. NUGA's rating of the film Knight of Cups

    Terrence Malick takes us for a voyage of self-discovery. It's a shame he doesn't know himself either. The visual poetry of "Tree of Life" is there, certainly, but with so little narrative returns, we discover ourselves in a deep sea of non-linear madness. Malick either has too much to say or nothing at all. Either way, most people will be hard pressed to even try to explore the film. Thank god for Lubezki.

  24. Tadzio Bonaparte's rating of the film Knight of Cups

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