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  1. Photo of Glen A. Larson

    Glen A. Larson Director and Music

  2. Photo of David Hasselhoff

    David Hasselhoff Cast

  3. Photo of Edward Mulhare

    Edward Mulhare Cast

  4. Photo of Patricia McPherson

    Patricia McPherson Cast

  5. Photo of William Daniels

    William Daniels Cast

  6. Photo of Rebecca Holden

    Rebecca Holden Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Parros

    Peter Parros Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Basehart

    Richard Basehart Cast

  9. Photo of Stu Phillips

    Stu Phillips Music

  10. Photo of Don Peake

    Don Peake Music

  11. Photo of Morton Stevens

    Morton Stevens Music

  12. Photo of Daniel Haller

    Daniel Haller Director

  13. Photo of Paul Stanley

    Paul Stanley Director

  14. Photo of Bruce Bilson

    Bruce Bilson Director

  15. Photo of Sidney Hayers

    Sidney Hayers Director

  16. Photo of Virgil W. Vogel

    Virgil W. Vogel Director

  17. Photo of Bernard L. Kowalski

    Bernard L. Kowalski Director

  18. Photo of Peter Crane

    Peter Crane Director

  19. Photo of Gil Bettman

    Gil Bettman Director

  20. Photo of Jeffrey Hayden

    Jeffrey Hayden Director

  21. Photo of Alan Myerson

    Alan Myerson Director

  22. Photo of Winrich Kolbe

    Winrich Kolbe Director

  23. Photo of Christian I. Nyby II

    Christian I. Nyby II Director

  24. Photo of Robert Foster

    Robert Foster Director

  25. Photo of Georg Fenady

    Georg Fenady Director

  26. Photo of Bruce Kessler

    Bruce Kessler Director

  27. Photo of Bruce Seth Green

    Bruce Seth Green Director

  28. Photo of Bob Bralver

    Bob Bralver Director

  29. Photo of Roy Campanella II

    Roy Campanella II Director

  30. Photo of Chuck Bail

    Chuck Bail Director