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  1. Photo of Richard Cooper

    Richard Cooper Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Dale

    John Dale Producer

  3. Photo of Anna Home

    Anna Home Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Andrew Morgan

    Andrew Morgan Director

  5. Photo of Michael Kerrigan

    Michael Kerrigan Director

  6. Photo of Christopher Gunning

    Christopher Gunning Music

  7. Photo of Christine Ruscoe

    Christine Ruscoe Production Design

  8. Photo of Michael D. Smith

    Michael D. Smith Cinematography

  9. Photo of Nigel Bate

    Nigel Bate Editing

  10. Photo of Nick McPhee

    Nick McPhee Editing

  11. Photo of Mark Meddings

    Mark Meddings Special Effects

  12. Photo of John Biddle

    John Biddle Sound

  13. Photo of George Winter

    George Winter Cast

  14. Photo of Claire Parker

    Claire Parker Cast

  15. Photo of John Woodvine

    John Woodvine Cast

  16. Photo of Julian Fellowes

    Julian Fellowes Cast

  17. Photo of Gareth Thomas

    Gareth Thomas Cast

  18. Photo of Patrick Troughton

    Patrick Troughton Cast

  19. Photo of Nigel Stock

    Nigel Stock Cast

  20. Photo of Shirley Stelfox

    Shirley Stelfox Cast

  21. Photo of Don Henderson

    Don Henderson Cast

  22. Photo of Tenniel Evans

    Tenniel Evans Cast

  23. Photo of Anne Stallybrass

    Anne Stallybrass Cast

  24. Photo of Barrie Cookson

    Barrie Cookson Cast

  25. Photo of Peter Childs

    Peter Childs Cast

  26. Photo of Owen Teale

    Owen Teale Cast

  27. Photo of Roy Boyd

    Roy Boyd Cast

  28. Photo of Christopher Bowen

    Christopher Bowen Cast