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  1. Photo of Petar B. Vasilev

    Petar B. Vasilev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bancho Banov

    Bancho Banov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Stefan Danailov

    Stefan Danailov Cast

  4. Photo of Georgi Cherkelov

    Georgi Cherkelov Cast

  5. Photo of Violeta Gindeva

    Violeta Gindeva Cast

  6. Photo of Dorotea Toncheva

    Dorotea Toncheva Cast

  7. Photo of Naum Shopov

    Naum Shopov Cast

  8. Photo of Nikolai Ouzounov

    Nikolai Ouzounov Cast

  9. Photo of Dossio Dossev

    Dossio Dossev Cast

  10. Photo of Stoycho Mazgalov

    Stoycho Mazgalov Cast

  11. Photo of Vladimir Gusev

    Vladimir Gusev Cast

  12. Photo of Naicho Petrov

    Naicho Petrov Cast

  13. Photo of Grigor Vachkov

    Grigor Vachkov Cast

  14. Photo of Dimitar Panov

    Dimitar Panov Cast

  15. Photo of Stefan Pejchev

    Stefan Pejchev Cast

  16. Photo of Tsancho Tsanchev

    Tsancho Tsanchev Cinematography

  17. Photo of Simeon Pironkov

    Simeon Pironkov Music

  18. Photo of Nayden Petkov

    Nayden Petkov Production Design