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  1. Photo of Ute von Münchow-Pohl

    Ute von Münchow-Pohl Director

  2. Photo of Toby Genkel

    Toby Genkel Director

  3. Photo of Ully Arndt

    Ully Arndt Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gunter Baars

    Gunter Baars Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ulrich Tormin

    Ulrich Tormin Screenplay

  6. Photo of Otto Waalkes

    Otto Waalkes Cast and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Bastian Pastewka

    Bastian Pastewka Cast

  8. Photo of Ferdinand Dux

    Ferdinand Dux Cast

  9. Photo of Karin Eckhold

    Karin Eckhold Cast

  10. Photo of Beate Hasenau

    Beate Hasenau Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Missler

    Robert Missler Cast

  12. Photo of Ruth Rockenschaub

    Ruth Rockenschaub Cast

  13. Photo of Harald Wehmeier

    Harald Wehmeier Cast

  14. Photo of Lutz von Rosenberg-Lipinsky

    Lutz von Rosenberg-Lipinsky Cast

  15. Photo of Kerstin Marie Mäkelburg

    Kerstin Marie Mäkelburg Cast

  16. Photo of Monty Arnold

    Monty Arnold Cast

  17. Photo of Gerrit Heesemann

    Gerrit Heesemann Cast

  18. Photo of Klaus Dittmann

    Klaus Dittmann Cast

  19. Photo of Lotto King Karl

    Lotto King Karl Cast

  20. Photo of J.P. Genkel

    J.P. Genkel Music

  21. Photo of Hans-Otto Mertens

    Hans-Otto Mertens Producer

  22. Photo of Michael Schaack

    Michael Schaack Producer

  23. Photo of Thomas Walker

    Thomas Walker Producer

  24. Photo of Jan-Michael Brandt

    Jan-Michael Brandt Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Jürgen Polaszek

    Jürgen Polaszek Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Dino Athanassiou

    Dino Athanassiou Animation

  27. Photo of Peter Bohl

    Peter Bohl Animation

  28. Photo of Ursula Don

    Ursula Don Animation

  29. Photo of Claus Dzalakowski

    Claus Dzalakowski Animation

  30. Photo of Beate Fuchs

    Beate Fuchs Animation

  31. Photo of Luba Medekova-Klein

    Luba Medekova-Klein Animation

  32. Photo of Andrea Preda

    Andrea Preda Animation