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  1. Photo of Joachim Rønning

    Joachim Rønning Director

  2. Photo of Espen Sandberg

    Espen Sandberg Director

  3. Photo of Christoph Daniel

    Christoph Daniel Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Lone Korslund

    Lone Korslund Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Marc Schmidheiny

    Marc Schmidheiny Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Petter Skavlan

    Petter Skavlan Executive Producer and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Dario Suter

    Dario Suter Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Peter Watson

    Peter Watson Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Henrik Zein

    Henrik Zein Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Harald Zwart

    Harald Zwart Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Aage Aaberge

    Aage Aaberge Producer

  12. Photo of Jeremy Thomas

    Jeremy Thomas Producer

  13. Photo of Geir Hartly Andreassen

    Geir Hartly Andreassen Cinematography

  14. Photo of Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen

    Pål Sverre Valheim Hagen Cast

  15. Photo of Anders Baasmo Christiansen

    Anders Baasmo Christiansen Cast

  16. Photo of Tobias Santelmann

    Tobias Santelmann Cast

  17. Photo of Gustaf Skarsgård

    Gustaf Skarsgård Cast

  18. Photo of Odd-Magnus Williamson

    Odd-Magnus Williamson Cast

  19. Photo of Jakob Oftebro

    Jakob Oftebro Cast

  20. Photo of Agnes Kittelsen

    Agnes Kittelsen Cast

  21. Photo of Katinka Egres

    Katinka Egres Cast

  22. Photo of Eleanor Burke

    Eleanor Burke Cast

  23. Photo of Per-Erik Eriksen

    Per-Erik Eriksen Editing

  24. Photo of Martin Stoltz

    Martin Stoltz Editing

  25. Photo of Karl Júlíusson

    Karl Júlíusson Production Design

  26. Photo of Trond Bjerknes

    Trond Bjerknes Music

  27. Photo of Baard H. Ingebretsen

    Baard H. Ingebretsen Sound

  28. Photo of Louize Nissen

    Louize Nissen Costume Design