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  1. Photo of Frank Beyer

    Frank Beyer Director

  2. Photo of Walter Gorrish

    Walter Gorrish Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edith Gorrish

    Edith Gorrish Screenplay

  4. Photo of Annekathrin Bürger

    Annekathrin Bürger Cast

  5. Photo of Armin Mueller-Stahl

    Armin Mueller-Stahl Cast

  6. Photo of Ulrich Thein

    Ulrich Thein Cast

  7. Photo of Marga Legal

    Marga Legal Cast

  8. Photo of Betty Loewen

    Betty Loewen Cast

  9. Photo of Monika Lennartz

    Monika Lennartz Cast

  10. Photo of Gertraud Kreissig

    Gertraud Kreissig Cast

  11. Photo of Natalja J. Iljina

    Natalja J. Iljina Cast

  12. Photo of Talla S. Nowikowa

    Talla S. Nowikowa Cast

  13. Photo of Leonid Swjetlow

    Leonid Swjetlow Cast

  14. Photo of Nikolai J. Lukinow

    Nikolai J. Lukinow Cast

  15. Photo of Walter Lendrich

    Walter Lendrich Cast

  16. Photo of Günter Naumann

    Günter Naumann Cast

  17. Photo of Fred Delmare

    Fred Delmare Cast

  18. Photo of Erik Veldre

    Erik Veldre Cast

  19. Photo of Manfred Krug

    Manfred Krug Cast

  20. Photo of Erich Brauer

    Erich Brauer Cast

  21. Photo of Johannes Maus

    Johannes Maus Cast

  22. Photo of Waldemar Jacobi

    Waldemar Jacobi Cast

  23. Photo of Horst Jonischkan

    Horst Jonischkan Cast

  24. Photo of Günter Marczinkowsky

    Günter Marczinkowsky Cinematography

  25. Photo of Joachim Werzlau

    Joachim Werzlau Music

  26. Photo of Alfred Hirschmeier

    Alfred Hirschmeier Production Design

  27. Photo of Anneliese Hinze-Sokolowa

    Anneliese Hinze-Sokolowa Editing

  28. Photo of Günther Dallorse

    Günther Dallorse Sound