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  1. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Kontroll

  2. Skygazer's rating of the film Kontroll

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Kontroll

    Une réalisation correcte, lourdement sur-vitaminée par des prises de vue speedées à l'extrême, alourdie par quelques séquences surnuméraires et fastidieuses telle la longue scène onirique, qui plairont aux habituels spectateurs confondant vélocité et précipitation, esbroufe et rigueur, dans un tourbillon épuisant que souvent rien ne justifie.

  4. patchwork's rating of the film Kontroll

  5. Ilona Buffet's rating of the film Kontroll

    Remember only that I loved it

  6. Vaida Kazlauskaitė's rating of the film Kontroll

    Trippy gritty underworld. Heading to Pest to experience it myself.

  7. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Kontroll

    This is a really fun film. It's careful not to take itself too seriously, but it doesn't make a joke of itself, either. 'Kontroll' is set in the underworld of the metro tunnels of an unnamed time and place. Although, without any real evidence that the film is set in the future, Antal did an incredible job giving it this dystopian sort of vibe. The main character never leaves the tunnels, and by proxy, neither do...↓

  8.'s rating of the film Kontroll

    Our Daily Free Stream: Kontroll (engl. subt.). Nimrod Antal hat seinen Debüt Film in den Bahnhöfen und Schächten der Budapester Untergrundbahn inszeniert. Wer mal in Budapest war, der weiss, wie tief die Schächte unter der Erde liegen. Es ist schon ein Erlebnis an sich, mit der Rolltreppe herabzufahren! Drehen durfte Antal nur während der Zeiten, in denen keine Züge verkehren.. mehr auf

  9. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Kontroll

    The young director attempts a metaphoric tale using the darkened world of Budapest's metro/underground rail system. The characters are essentially ticket checkers, who in turn are monitored by psychiatrists, the metro's bureaucrats and the police above ground (who you never see on screen but are referred to). Unfortunately, the film is not anywhere near the class of Istvan Szabo's "Budapest Tales".

  10. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Kontroll

    This movie is underground...i mean for real!

  11. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Kontroll

  12. Cependant's rating of the film Kontroll

    Sous Budapest, des petits trains sombres.

  13. Daniel Dawson's rating of the film Kontroll

    Kontroll is an engaging though flawed dark comedy which relies a little too heavily on amateurish tropes to carry along its story. However, it is still an inventive work from a director who fails to impress in later Hollywood ventures.

  14. vladd's rating of the film Kontroll

    very cool hungarian movie. too bad nimrod antal kinda lost his indie touch after this one (aka went hollywood), although one can still see that he's pretty good at making simple yet suspenseful thrillers (armored, vacancy) or nostalgia-laden b-actioners (predators).

  15. korush's rating of the film Kontroll

    ما ز بالاییم و بالا میرویم

  16. Wariaz's rating of the film Kontroll

    NATHAN HUMMELL <3<3<3 <'"oh Bela!"'>

  17. Sinziana Medvetchi's rating of the film Kontroll

    The final 32 minutes won me over

  18. Hani's rating of the film Kontroll

    I only liked the characters. The directorial style, the soundtrack, and the editing beg Hollywood attention.

  19. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film Kontroll

    A fun movie, sucks that the director was already eaten by the hollywood machine.

  20. Rick Brands's rating of the film Kontroll

    Not much to offer storywise, but a great setting with some interesting characters passing through. Obviously highly inspired by Besson's 'Subway', though.

  21. Jason Chan's rating of the film Kontroll

    Ticket inspectors appropriately dramatized. A misleading setup to be a thriller, but turns out to be great dark comedy with metaphors worth exploring.

  22. Neuron's rating of the film Kontroll

    As a movie it falls apart in the end, but I couldn't help to fall head over heels for the bear suit girl.

  23. Palmat's rating of the film Kontroll

    Excellent movie with both ambition and style to burn. The script is great, the characters interesting and the direction assured. I was sometimes reminded of early Luc Besson when it comes to the poetic and quirky moments. I also love the dark undertones and the metaphorical aspects of the story. And the best thing is that Hollywood has not tried to remake it yet.

  24. Ciprian Ailenei's rating of the film Kontroll

    I always knew ticket 'Kontrollers' have a dark side. With the storyline taking place just in one location (The Hungarian subway), this film never gets dull. You'll be greeted by a dark yet pleasant action, based on some stereotyped characters revolving around the inner battle of the main character Bulcsú. Oh, and there's that funny and adorable bunny woman. I'm only sorry it took me until now to watch this.

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