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  1. Photo of Tofig Taghizade

    Tofig Taghizade Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Logman Karimov

    Logman Karimov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Logman Kerimov

    Logman Kerimov Cast

  4. Photo of Mammad Safa

    Mammad Safa Cast

  5. Photo of Yashar Nuri

    Yashar Nuri Cast

  6. Photo of Nuriya Akhmedova

    Nuriya Akhmedova Cast

  7. Photo of Rahib Aliyev

    Rahib Aliyev Cast

  8. Photo of Fuad Poladov

    Fuad Poladov Cast

  9. Photo of Mukhtar Ibadov

    Mukhtar Ibadov Cast

  10. Photo of Tofiq Karimov

    Tofiq Karimov Cast

  11. Photo of Alim Mammadov

    Alim Mammadov Cast

  12. Photo of Rafiq Quliyev

    Rafiq Quliyev Cinematography

  13. Photo of Mais Agabekov

    Mais Agabekov Production Design

  14. Photo of Rafik Nasirov

    Rafik Nasirov Production Design

  15. Photo of Hüseynaga Qasimov

    Hüseynaga Qasimov Producer

  16. Photo of Kamal Seidov

    Kamal Seidov Sound