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  1. criavolver's rating of the film Köpek

    This film was all too heart breaking. But exactly the kind of film needed to show the injustice that continue to plague our cultures.

  2. Nabil Hamzaki's rating of the film Köpek

    "The curtain of darkness has fallen I tremble When I think of my future"

  3. Quattro's rating of the film Köpek

    It's remarkable the way the tension rises in the background, quietly building a climate of violence and intolerance and making it explode, all at once, at the very end. It only lacks something developing the individual stories, and merging them together organically: I think this could have been a great movie, otherwise. Good cinematography too, I liked all those light colors.

  4. Auranee's rating of the film Köpek

    This film is really mesmerizing, tense, and shocking. I was holding my breath for all three protagonists. It's hard to watch when everything goes to hell. Istanbul is gorgeously captured. Cagla Akalin as Ebru is unforgettable.

  5. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Köpek

    A difficult film to watch; the sense of unease becomes dread, which then gives way to brutal (yet banal) violence. In her feature film debut, director Esen Isik pulls no punches about the suffocating nature of cis-hetero-male privilege, regardless of class or culture. For those who think this brutality is unique to Turkish culture, go watch "Boys Don't Cry", "The Crying Game", or "The 400 Blows" for that matter.

  6. Cheval Tatin's rating of the film Köpek

    45 min in and that film saved me 2 sleeping tablets. Terribly boring.

  7. lostlevel's rating of the film Köpek

    Perhaps best summed up by the low water pressure hose at the end which may signify the impotent rage misdirected.

  8. October Sun's rating of the film Köpek

    Textbook example of self-orientalizing. For example, all of the men are trope violent, abusive lunatics just waiting to kill or beat whatever they can get their hands on; be it women, children, or puppies. Basic caricatures of the ruthless, slothful "oriental" that have encumbered Western understanding of places like Turkey since the 19th century presented as "social criticism". What happened to honesty in cinema?

  9. El Biffo's rating of the film Köpek

    Lures you in as an art film/drama, then becomes bloody/violent.

  10. burak's rating of the film Köpek

    Tries to stitch up three different societal issues (street kids, domestic violence and homophobia) at once and the way the film tries deal with these issues is unoriginal. Though the acting was good, in many Turkish films dialogues feel artificial, it was not the case with this one.

  11. panagiotatos's rating of the film Köpek

    7,5/10 . Parallel stories of sexism and abuse that take place in modern Istanbul in a fascinating and moving film.

  12. bessede's rating of the film Köpek

  13. captainfez's rating of the film Köpek


  14. The Boreal Chorus's rating of the film Köpek

    Some people’s fates are too dark for words to repair or save; Why are deeply sensitive people doomed to be crushed under the weight of those around them who cannot feel the weight of so much hurt? Köpek in Turkish means “dog.” It’s a bit too slow and yet a bit too neatly and quickly resolved at the end. Though sometimes life is like that. The slow burn of violence in the hands of those who need to rule or dominate.

  15. Jennifer Weeks's rating of the film Köpek

    A painful look at the lives of society's "underdogs" who, despite being persecuted themselves (or maybe because of that), can be surprisingly cruel. I didn't like any of the characters in this film but somehow I enjoyed it start to finish.

  16. Odradek's rating of the film Köpek

    Very impressive and sensitive portrait of modern Turkish society.

  17. Samuel Wells's rating of the film Köpek

    This film reminds me of Crash, and not in a good way. The messages delivered in the film, though important, come off as too sentimental for my tastes. Things never quite added up for me. I liked the concept coming into the film, but it wore thin quickly. The world never felt fully believable.

  18. Darrell Chaddock's rating of the film Köpek

    Thoroughly enjoyable viewing. The cast are all completely convincing and I was drawn right into the narrative.

  19. Jules E Evans's rating of the film Köpek

    Cover photo is exquisite. Small part is a pure line of poetry within a tumultuous arc. Story arc is unique. 3 stories form a fractal. 3 distinct stories bid 3 distinct feelings, yet each refracts from the same shards of suffering.Unlike its difficult motifs: all difficult to stomach contemporary, the film is soft.I appreciate the undulation of feminine/masculine. Though Isik opts for an overly cushy runtime.

  20. Linn's rating of the film Köpek

    A film that slowly creeps into your brain, stays there and hurts. "Köpek" showcases three stories of love and violence, that resemble what can be read in newspapers every day, certainly not only in Turkey. There are glimpses of hope and even short moments of triumph, but in the end the cycle of violence perpetuates itself and those who try to stand tall, pay the price.

  21. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Köpek

    Final score: 8. Storyline: 8, Originality: 8, Cinematography: 8, Involvement: 7, Sound: 7, Editing: 8, Educational: 9, Title design: 7, Acting: 8, Interesting: 8, Unusual: 8, Exciting: 7, Superior: 8

  22. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Köpek

    Yikers! The violence got to me.

  23. catweinz's rating of the film Köpek

    3 histoires parallèles qui composent le film avec brio. La question de l'amour ( un enfant de 10 ans, une femme mariée, un travesti) Violence (et tendresse, entre les lignes) de la culture turque.

  24. Emil's rating of the film Köpek

    Gran pelicula, tan cruda como la vida misma! En todo el mundo pasa lo mismo, disfrazado de cultura, religiones, etc etc....

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