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  1. Photo of Georg Jacoby

    Georg Jacoby Director

  2. Photo of Hans Caspar von Zobeltitz

    Hans Caspar von Zobeltitz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lotte Neumann

    Lotte Neumann Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Wassermann

    Walter Wassermann Screenplay

  5. Photo of Max Pfeiffer

    Max Pfeiffer Producer

  6. Photo of Frank Fox

    Frank Fox Music

  7. Photo of Peter Kreuder

    Peter Kreuder Music

  8. Photo of Konstantin Irmen-Tschet

    Konstantin Irmen-Tschet Cinematography

  9. Photo of Erich Kobler

    Erich Kobler Editing

  10. Photo of Hermann Asmus

    Hermann Asmus Production Design

  11. Photo of Erich Kettelhut

    Erich Kettelhut Production Design

  12. Photo of Walter Rühland

    Walter Rühland Sound

  13. Photo of Marika Rökk

    Marika Rökk Cast

  14. Photo of Will Quadflieg

    Will Quadflieg Cast

  15. Photo of Josef Sieber

    Josef Sieber Cast

  16. Photo of Will Dohm

    Will Dohm Cast

  17. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  18. Photo of Ursula Herking

    Ursula Herking Cast

  19. Photo of Herbert Hübner

    Herbert Hübner Cast

  20. Photo of Flockina von Platen

    Flockina von Platen Cast

  21. Photo of Franz Schafheitlin

    Franz Schafheitlin Cast

  22. Photo of Friedl Haerlin

    Friedl Haerlin Cast

  23. Photo of Maria Koppenhöfer

    Maria Koppenhöfer Cast

  24. Photo of Lotte Spira

    Lotte Spira Cast

  25. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  26. Photo of Rudolf Carl

    Rudolf Carl Cast

  27. Photo of Andrews Engelmann

    Andrews Engelmann Cast

  28. Photo of Erich Fiedler

    Erich Fiedler Cast

  29. Photo of Karl John

    Karl John Cast

  30. Photo of Theodor Loos

    Theodor Loos Cast

  31. Photo of Hubert von Meyerinck

    Hubert von Meyerinck Cast

  32. Photo of Hans Stiebner

    Hans Stiebner Cast

  33. Photo of Ingolf Kuntze

    Ingolf Kuntze Cast

  34. Photo of Eleonore Tappert

    Eleonore Tappert Cast

  35. Photo of Heinrich Schroth

    Heinrich Schroth Cast

  36. Photo of Annemarie Steinsieck

    Annemarie Steinsieck Cast

  37. Photo of Jockel Stahl

    Jockel Stahl Cast

  38. Photo of Leo Peukert

    Leo Peukert Cast

  39. Photo of Lucienne Dugard

    Lucienne Dugard Cast

  40. Photo of Charles Francois

    Charles Francois Cast

  41. Photo of Fred Goebel

    Fred Goebel Cast

  42. Photo of Julius E. Hermann

    Julius E. Hermann Cast

  43. Photo of Carl Iban

    Carl Iban Cast

  44. Photo of Karl Jüstel

    Karl Jüstel Cast

  45. Photo of Willy Kaiser-Heyl

    Willy Kaiser-Heyl Cast

  46. Photo of Alfred Karen

    Alfred Karen Cast

  47. Photo of Rudolf Klein-Rogge

    Rudolf Klein-Rogge Cast

  48. Photo of Paul Mederow

    Paul Mederow Cast

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