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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Korczak

    Au-delà de la vive polémique ayant accueilli sa sortie quant aux ambiguïtés de sa conclusion, "Korczak" est loin d'être un film convaincant. Wajda livre un travail appliqué, joliment photographié, mais sans une ombre d'inventivité ni, ce qui est bien pire vu son sujet, d'émotion. Le ton est sec et malgré la bonne volonté des auteurs, le spectateur fait la moue devant l'académisme de l'ensemble.

  2. Caitlin's rating of the film Korczak

    Heartbreaking beyond belief. It left me devastated.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Korczak

    Wajda's telling of the story of Janusz Korcak, a Polish Jew who put the lives of children above his own, is a triumph of storytelling and a worthy entry in the cinema of the holocaust. The rich b&w photography by Robby Muller stands as a testament to his genius. Hadn't seen the film in 24 years and was surprised how etched this film was in my memory. One of Wajda's best.

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Korczak

    How depressing. I don't know if I can take any more of these Holocaust films. I would like to see more films about Jewish life, not just death and persecution. I don't want my tribal identity defined by hitler or the Holocaust. Korczak was a hero, but so were Abbie Hoffman and Allen Ginsberg, heroes who celebrated life and freedom. I wish MUBI would show LAST SUMMER WONT HAPPEN (1968) by Peter Gessner.

  5. Philip Conklin's rating of the film Korczak

    A nice alternative to the Hollywood WWII film. Violence and death are not glamorized here, but treated with the fear and gloom with which the victims of the war themselves surely felt. And though sentimental at times—how could you not be, in a film about a man protecting 200 orphans during a war—the film is bereft of any grand moral pronouncements about war

  6. Cheryl's rating of the film Korczak

    Absolutely riveting. At first I found it a bit too staged and unnatural, the good doctor too saintly to be true or believable but the more I watched the more I was gathered in. We need to believe in our saints, after all, and in men with courage. Especially in the worst of times.

  7. The Africa Film Project's rating of the film Korczak

    One of the crowning cinematographic achievements from Robby Muller, and a fine late film in the career of Wajda.

  8. Kenji's rating of the film Korczak

    A good and worthy film about a wonderful man.