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  1. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Another nice travelogue, but with little else really going for it. It's well made, but unengaging.

  2. ayyy_lidh's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    No idea what that was supposed to be about. There's some funny moments, individually some of the scenes are gorgeously shot, almost thought-provoking. Overall though the lack of narrative made it feel like a waste of 90 minutes.

  3. Alexander Fish's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

  4. alvin leong's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    If expecting a metaphysical film exploration - the initial dilemna of the 'correct' position for a mastershot ,which in itself would be an intriguing puzzle for cinematographers ( the question is a mere tease)- this quickly devolves into innocuous travelogue and wistfulness, with all too few leading questions about tourism and nostalgia. Useful reminder of the mixed and ambivalent joys of Thai travels, though ...

  5. Pok's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Este... ¿documental? es una cosa con iguales partes de rareza y belleza. Por un lado, retrata al lugar llamado Krabi, a su historia y a su gente. Pero al mismo tiempo pinta un retrato de sus sueños y su espiritualidad, con un poco de humor surrealista y largas tomas panorámicas que muestran el esplendor y los colores de esta región tailandesa. Peculiar y valiosa, aunque diferente, no para todos los gustos.

  6. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    A mood piece with some striking shots and some mildly interesting observations on past and present which treads perilously close to the precipice of absurdity or simply disappearing up its own fundament. Ultimately it fell between two stools: too much padding and insufficient focus for a feature and too many strands for a short.

  7. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

  8. raggiodisole's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Playful and still a bit serious. Message a bit bland; people play while others work

  9. Marcin Mess's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    At once ironic and poetic documentary contradicting folklore and modernity, blending reality with fiction and this way blurring the boundary between the long-lost past and present. Beautifully creative (my favourite fragment: the forgotten cinema sequence; favourite shot: empty cinema room filled with bats). My Thai friend says the film captures the absurd uniqueness of Thailand and I believe her. Need to go there!

  10. Bremour's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Beautiful but lacking n a clear purpose. We lost the subtitles for a chunk in the middle so got a bit frustrated which didnt help.

  11. John G's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    I was really torn by this one. It felt like part narrative drama, part documentary and part piece of visual art. It just about had the legs to keep it going for the running time, though to say it felt self-indulgent in places would be an understatement. But I did enjoy it for the most part, and it was interesting to see the community it focuses on from so many different angles.

  12. Bo bo min's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

  13. mcnameelorcan's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Some beautiful images, interesting use of sound, makes you feel as if you are there, in coastal Thailand. Is it a documentary, a fake-doc, is it fiction, or somewhere in between?. More like an art film you might see in a gallery, than a movie as such. There is a half-hearted attempt at some kind of structure, but it never really comes together. Not a film to choose if you are looking for characters and a storyline.

  14. Ta-ta Wu's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Only the tourist guide keeps repeating the same story to the tourist. As other tourist hotspots, Kerbi has a setting mystery story for seducing tourists to visit there. But in this film, I hear more personal stories and experience from this place. The composition of the scene is fascinating, and I can even feel the heat from my screen. This film brings audiences a different view of this place.

  15. richard's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Awesome slow film perfectly incomplete at all moments

  16. Andy's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Thailand is an incredibly vivid, vivacious and spiritual place, but these elements have not been captured here.

  17. Miranda's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Lovely paced film to match my mood this afternoon. The mismatch figures of the stories some of the characters tell reflected the communication difficulties documentary works continually deal with(and they made me laugh). A blending of factfiction, pastpresent. The supernatural stories were my favourite bits as well as the landscape cinematography and references to how popular culture has effected the tourism in Krabi

  18. Shaun Adam's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

  19. AJCS's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    A great film - especially on second viewing - a different rhythm and pace that slowly reveals itself - hours days and weeks after screening

  20. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Playful, languorous open-ended loop of nested fictions with documentary overlays, as charming and easy-going as it can be inscrutable.

  21. Mihai Cristea's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    I met by chance the duo of directors while they were shooting this movie in Krabi. I even stood behind the camera for about 3 minutes, that scene is in the movie now.

  22. Krystalle's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    A huge disappointment since BTTIGD is one of my favourite recent films. Neither bold nor experimental in its visual arrangement of the prehistoric alongside the present. In the few allusive sequences when the film considers our present world to be flung out of time/history, it promptly lapses into somnolence and remains as impenetrable as the craggy face of history that looms over Krabi and its depiction here. - KT

  23. Maribou's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    Suffering from a lack of ideas that gets uncomfortably exposed on a full-size screen, this is point-and-shoot filmmaking that is only fleetingly interesting or cinematic. The supernatural and surreal elements add some heat but the overall effect feels diluted and insubstantial. It could have been better as a short. No doubt it will disappear into the dark

  24. Pirilampa's rating of the film Krabi, 2562

    too messy even for someone who despises narrative. the beginning is promising, mixing past and future, real and imaginary, but the films gets entagled with its own experiments.

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