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  1. Photo of Christian Schocher

    Christian Schocher Director, Editing, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Willy Ziegler

    Willy Ziegler Cast

  3. Photo of Jürgen Zöller

    Jürgen Zöller Cast

  4. Photo of Max Ramp

    Max Ramp Cast

  5. Photo of Marianne Huber

    Marianne Huber Cast

  6. Photo of Barbla Bischoff

    Barbla Bischoff Cast

  7. Photo of Heinz Lüdi

    Heinz Lüdi Cast

  8. Photo of Clemens Klopfenstein

    Clemens Klopfenstein Cinematography

  9. Photo of Patrick Lindenmaier

    Patrick Lindenmaier Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Dieter Lengacher

    Dieter Lengacher Sound

  11. Photo of Hugo Sigrist

    Hugo Sigrist Sound

  12. Photo of Thomas Pfister

    Thomas Pfister Sound