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  1. Landen Celano's rating of the film Krull

    Not good, but it is rare to come across a film that leaves your memory the second it's over, yet resonates in a piecemeal haze the way that a dream might.

  2. GarfieldHawke's rating of the film Krull

  3. JuanM's rating of the film Krull

    I love this British film. I consider it the best European fantastic film in the eighties- perfectly comparable to Star Wars saga.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Krull

    Hard to believe Yates made this derivative drivel and the Academy award nominated 'The Dresser' back to back. Mind you the set design/art direction here are amazing and may have even been influential on later films knowingly or not. Plotting is just awful but worse are the performances and the mix of sword & sorcery with 'Star Wars' like lasers.Was there ever a blander hero then Marshall? 30 yrs since previous view.

  5. wobbly's rating of the film Krull

  6. Julien Bayle's rating of the film Krull

    I saw it a very long time ago. I loved it.