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  1. Photo of Michael Schultz

    Michael Schultz Director and Producer

  2. Photo of George Jackson

    George Jackson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robert O. Kaplan

    Robert O. Kaplan Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Dwight Williams

    Dwight Williams Producer

  5. Photo of Russell Simmons

    Russell Simmons Producer and Cast

  6. Photo of Doug McHenry

    Doug McHenry Producer

  7. Photo of Lauren Jones

    Lauren Jones Producer

  8. Photo of Shirley Calloway

    Shirley Calloway Producer

  9. Photo of Ralph Farquhar

    Ralph Farquhar Screenplay

  10. Photo of Ernest R. Dickerson

    Ernest R. Dickerson Cinematography

  11. Photo of Conrad M. Gonzalez

    Conrad M. Gonzalez Editing

  12. Photo of Jerry Bixman

    Jerry Bixman Editing

  13. Photo of Mischa Petrow

    Mischa Petrow Production Design

  14. Photo of Sheila E.

    Sheila E. Cast

  15. Photo of Run D.M.C.

    Run D.M.C. Cast

  16. Photo of The Fat Boys

    The Fat Boys Cast

  17. Photo of New Edition

    New Edition Cast

  18. Photo of Kurtis Blow

    Kurtis Blow Cast

  19. Photo of Blair Underwood

    Blair Underwood Cast

  20. Photo of Lisa Gay Hamilton

    Lisa Gay Hamilton Cast

  21. Photo of Rick Rubin

    Rick Rubin Cast

  22. Photo of Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock)

    Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock) Cast

  23. Photo of Adam Yaunch

    Adam Yaunch Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Diamond (Mike D)

    Michael Diamond (Mike D) Cast

  25. Photo of LL Cool J

    LL Cool J Cast