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  1. Photo of K. C. Bokadia

    K. C. Bokadia Director

  2. Photo of S.A. Chandrashekhar

    S.A. Chandrashekhar Director

  3. Photo of Jackie Shroff

    Jackie Shroff Cast

  4. Photo of Om Shivpuri

    Om Shivpuri Cast

  5. Photo of Beena (Banerjee)

    Beena (Banerjee) Cast

  6. Photo of Ramesh Deo

    Ramesh Deo Cast

  7. Photo of C.S. Dubey

    C.S. Dubey Cast

  8. Photo of Baby Guddu

    Baby Guddu Cast

  9. Photo of Shafi Inamdar

    Shafi Inamdar Cast

  10. Photo of Satyendra Kapoor

    Satyendra Kapoor Cast

  11. Photo of Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar Cast

  12. Photo of Hema Malini

    Hema Malini Cast

  13. Photo of Raza Murad

    Raza Murad Cast

  14. Photo of Pran

    Pran Cast

  15. Photo of Radhika

    Radhika Cast

  16. Photo of Charan Raj

    Charan Raj Cast

  17. Photo of Tiku Talsania

    Tiku Talsania Cast