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  1. Photo of Ademir Kenović

    Ademir Kenović Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Abdulah Sidran

    Abdulah Sidran Screenplay

  3. Photo of Slobodan Ćustić

    Slobodan Ćustić Cast

  4. Photo of Snežana Bogdanović

    Snežana Bogdanović Cast

  5. Photo of Božidar Bunjevac

    Božidar Bunjevac Cast

  6. Photo of Branko Djuric

    Branko Djuric Cast

  7. Photo of Mustafa Nadarević

    Mustafa Nadarević Cast

  8. Photo of Ivana Legin

    Ivana Legin Cast

  9. Photo of Radmila Zivkovic

    Radmila Zivkovic Cast

  10. Photo of Boro Stjepanović

    Boro Stjepanović Cast

  11. Photo of Sena Mustajbasic

    Sena Mustajbasic Cast

  12. Photo of Saša Petrović

    Saša Petrović Cast

  13. Photo of Haris Burina

    Haris Burina Cast

  14. Photo of Mustafa Mustafić

    Mustafa Mustafić Cinematography

  15. Photo of Goran Bregović

    Goran Bregović Music

  16. Photo of Kemal Hrustanovic

    Kemal Hrustanovic Production Design

  17. Photo of Bakir Tanović

    Bakir Tanović Producer

  18. Photo of Christel Tanović

    Christel Tanović Editing

  19. Photo of Ljubomir Petek

    Ljubomir Petek Sound

  20. Photo of Predrag Stijacic

    Predrag Stijacic Sound

  21. Photo of Sanja Dzeba

    Sanja Dzeba Costume Design