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  1. Photo of Luis Figueroa

    Luis Figueroa Director

  2. Photo of Eulogio Nishiyama

    Eulogio Nishiyama Director and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Vincent Chambi

    Vincent Chambi Cast

  4. Photo of Judith Figueroa

    Judith Figueroa Cast

  5. Photo of Emilio Galli

    Emilio Galli Cast

  6. Photo of Martina Mamani

    Martina Mamani Cast

  7. Photo of Lizardo Pérez

    Lizardo Pérez Cast

  8. Photo of Hernan Velarde

    Hernan Velarde Screenplay

  9. Photo of Lucho Figueroa

    Lucho Figueroa Screenplay

  10. Photo of Cesar Villanueva

    Cesar Villanueva Screenplay

  11. Photo of Ricardo Nitzal

    Ricardo Nitzal Editing

  12. Photo of Armando Guevara Ochoa

    Armando Guevara Ochoa Music