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  1. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Kumaré

  2. mpho3's rating of the film Kumaré

    I tried to get several people to watch this because I really wanted to discuss its many layers and the ultimate show not tell. My fears of any Borat-esque mockery were for naught; however, I wonder how I would feel had I been taken in. I love that Vikram was as taken by surprise as anyone else. I am not the sort who seeks a guru, but if I did Kumare proves she lies within.

  3. bencor's rating of the film Kumaré they used Renunciation by Secret Chiefs 3 i'm sure. funny since SC3 are white west coasters playing Mideast/Fareast surf deathmetal rock.

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Kumaré

    This isn't cinematic, it is made like MTV style, but it is surprisingly interesting and I recommend it for anyone exploring spirituality. Gonna go back to cutting up magazine photos for my "vision board" now.

  5. Vinod Narayan's rating of the film Kumaré

    Kumare is all about the truth finding Journey of one young man who decides to be a fake guru in order to find the real truth… It is a better blend of Borat in a eastern way without all the obscenity and vulgarity that Borat traded on…

  6. muse_x's rating of the film Kumaré

  7. Max_Hydr0's rating of the film Kumaré

    Vikram Gandhi is an American jokster who portrays a convincingly false yogi persona named Kumare. As an experiment to demonstrate the gullibility of yogi followers Gandhi develops a mob attraction of witless people who desperately must cling to someone to guide their pathetic lives. This whimsical film functions as reminder of a plethora of practical joke movies which are neither funny nor yield great satisfaction.

  8. Coot's Son's rating of the film Kumaré

    "The documentary:" fun movie with none actors. Definitely worth a watch, a doComedary ..

  9. Mike's rating of the film Kumaré

    Very insightful doc about religious belief and everyone's search for answers in life. Similar to Alan Watts in that everyone has what they're looking for so you don't need to search for it outside of yourself; no one needs a "guru" and you already have the means to be happy. This doc never directly discusses religion though, it explores it so it doesn't feel like it's lecturing to you. Very well done!.

  10. laurax's rating of the film Kumaré

    Kumare seems to establish that a guru can be a complete fraud and nevertheless do a certain amount of good, because what matters is not the sincerity of the guru but that of his followers.

  11. Matt Richards's rating of the film Kumaré

    A cautionary tale that delves into the human need to believe in a higher source of wisdom. There's something horribly creepy and unnerving in this reality-tv styled doco. The final reveal comes together beautifully and is deeply rich with emotion. It's just a shame that we never get any deeper insight into the motivations and background of the mysterious Kumare himself. 3 stars

  12. Florence Rolando's rating of the film Kumaré

    What's the point? Not sure I understood the purpose of this sarcastic documentary. I feel I lost some precious time watching it when there are so many beautiful movies on my watch list!

  13. FailedImitator's rating of the film Kumaré

    It was a very well made documentary, but the subject matter is very intriguing. I like it.

  14. rameil's rating of the film Kumaré

    Beautiful - a pleasure to watch.