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  1. Photo of Kuang Ni

    Kuang Ni Screenplay

  2. Photo of Shu Mei Chin

    Shu Mei Chin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hsueh Li Pao

    Hsueh Li Pao Director

  4. Photo of Phillip Ko

    Phillip Ko Producer

  5. Photo of Lung Ti

    Lung Ti Cast

  6. Photo of Szu Shih

    Szu Shih Cast

  7. Photo of Wei Lo

    Wei Lo Cast

  8. Photo of Yi Tao Chang

    Yi Tao Chang Cast

  9. Photo of Sing Chen

    Sing Chen Cast

  10. Photo of Ben Ko Chu

    Ben Ko Chu Cast

  11. Photo of Mien Fang

    Mien Fang Cast

  12. Photo of Chung Tien Shih

    Chung Tien Shih Cast

  13. Photo of Tan Tao-liang

    Tan Tao-liang Cast

  14. Photo of Hung Tsai

    Hung Tsai Cast

  15. Photo of Ching Wong

    Ching Wong Cast

  16. Photo of Kuan Tai Chen

    Kuan Tai Chen Cast