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367 Ratings

Kurt & Courtney

Directed by Nick Broomfield
United States, United Kingdom, 1998


After rocker Kurt Cobain’s death, ruled a suicide, a film crew arrives in Seattle to make a documentary.

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Kurt & Courtney Directed by Nick Broomfield

What are people saying?

  • anarresti's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Watched it at the time, as a sad, angry teenager. Still hurting. And now I feel this was just a cruel stupid conspiracy theory with nothing to hold on to. It was Gus Van Sant that helped me heal, with his "Last Days", finally, 7 longs years after this crap.

  • smndvdcl's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Didacticism without Moore's political clout. Most of this doc is spent failing to get interviews, piling on conspiracy theories and priming for tabloid fodder. Whilst some speculation can lead to breakthrough, the assertions of this doc would fail to pass rudimentary lawful investigation. Not to discount other outstanding mavericks and their polemical hypotheses, but this one is a misfire.

  • Garçon Manqué's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Unlike some mubi people here,I don't think that Broomfield picked a side nor tried to show Courtney responsable for Kurt's death.On the contrary he found those conspiracy theories quite ridiculous,he wanted to pursue them to see how far they could go.I found his narration remarkably objective:Despite criticizing Love for having threatened journalists, he confronted her father and blamed him for being a lousy parent.

  • mjgildea's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    2 1/2 out of 5 stars. I can't say I didn't learn a few things but at the same time I felt like I was watching a dollar store version of All the President's Men with much lower stakes. The friends & family footage was interesting and actually kind of bummed me out that he's gone. Most of the interviewees were completely nuts but the blindsiding of shitbag Courtney Love kind of made this worth it.

  • Emily Sirko's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    This just made me so terribly sad about Courtney, as I often often am. When was the last time anyone trying to get through to her treated her like a human being? I love Courtney, will always I think, and so I can in no way support such efforts as this that do nothing ultimately but attempt to shame her by picking apart her character, and doing so with such blunt cruelty!! All in the honor of Kurt Cobain? Bullshit.

  • Philippe Audi-Dor's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    More than a documentary about Kurt and Courtney, I saw this as an incredibly interesting exploration of Fame - The people who worship it, those trapped by it, the ones who will forever strive for it. Like a poisonous elixir, it's infiltrated the lives of all who once crossed paths with Kurt and Courtney (one another included) and leaves none intact - for better or worse. Spoiler: it's often for worse.

  • DrFirestone's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    A good independent documentary, suffering from lack of financial support or the rights to use Nirvana's music etc. I feel like it doesn't side with any of the theories, leaving for you to decide what to think of it. Personally I enjoyed the interviews with Kurt's aunt. From all the people featured in this document seems she was close to Kurt and knew him well as a person right from his childhood...

  • Steve G.'s rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    An utterly pointless documentary. Nick Broomfield once again proves himself to be a fairly useless documentarian, coasting along on the shoddy gimmick of dragging his own boom mic everywhere. He doesn't have access to Courtney Love. He doesn't have access to Kurt Cobain's family. He doesn't have access to anyone even slightly significant or relevant. So what the hell's the point?

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