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  1. Garçon Manqué's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Unlike some mubi people here,I don't think that Broomfield picked a side nor tried to show Courtney responsable for Kurt's death.On the contrary he found those conspiracy theories quite ridiculous,he wanted to pursue them to see how far they could go.I found his narration remarkably objective:Despite criticizing Love for having threatened journalists, he confronted her father and blamed him for being a lousy parent.

  2. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Watched this back during the two years Nirvana was my world, and all I really remember is the "documentarian" blundering from one interview subject to another, chasing the idiotic theory that Courtney Love (not a perfect person, I'll admit) is/was a black widow, blatantly ignoring the sane reality that a chronically depressed man in the grip of heroin addiction might possibly kill himself...on Netflix, stagnating...

  3. Blue Roses's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

  4. spasmolytic's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

  5. Thresk's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Love is, unequivocally, a subhuman roach of a person, but this doc doesn't have a leg to stand on.

  6. Giles J Davis's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    An incredibly well documented hoax. Talk about exploiting nut jobs & addicts. Although Courtney Love is clearly a very unstable person, the coincidences & circumstances that create the bathos in this very entertaining mockumentary are even more ludicrous than the conspiracies. Courtney lookalikes, burnouts & scumbags litter this piece & perhaps say more about the weird NW of America than the lives of famous junkies.

  7. Diego Rodrigues's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    This doc shows how sad was the Kurt's life since younger until his meteoric career and how Courtney is dominate bitch!

  8. Emily Sirko's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    This just made me so terribly sad about Courtney, as I often often am. When was the last time anyone trying to get through to her treated her like a human being? I love Courtney, will always I think, and so I can in no way support such efforts as this that do nothing ultimately but attempt to shame her by picking apart her character, and doing so with such blunt cruelty!! All in the honor of Kurt Cobain? Bullshit.

  9. anarresti's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Watched it at the time, as a sad, angry teenager. Still hurting. And now I feel this was just a cruel stupid conspiracy theory with nothing to hold on to. It was Gus Van Sant that helped me heal, with his "Last Days", finally, 7 longs years after this crap.

  10. Howard Orr's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Rubbish if you want to find out about Nirvana's music or what made Cobain tick, but somehow this abortive documentary (no music from Nirvana here!) articulates the desolation of people left behind in small towns, ruminating on their brushes with superstardom, and ultimately it says as much about fame (where things are hollow!) as more conventional documentaries on the subject. El Duce still gives me nightmares.

  11. Philippe Audi-Dor's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    More than a documentary about Kurt and Courtney, I saw this as an incredibly interesting exploration of Fame - The people who worship it, those trapped by it, the ones who will forever strive for it. Like a poisonous elixir, it's infiltrated the lives of all who once crossed paths with Kurt and Courtney (one another included) and leaves none intact - for better or worse. Spoiler: it's often for worse.

  12. Harriet Matthews's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Still not quite sure what I think of Nick Broomfield's style of documentary making - I much preferred his film about Aileen Wuornos, it felt a little better put together than Kurt & Courtney, although this was an interesting watch to me as a fan of Nirvana purely for some of the information/interviews included. Still, I felt like it didn't really build to any sort of definitive or crucial point.

  13. DrFirestone's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    A good independent documentary, suffering from lack of financial support or the rights to use Nirvana's music etc. I feel like it doesn't side with any of the theories, leaving for you to decide what to think of it. Personally I enjoyed the interviews with Kurt's aunt. From all the people featured in this document seems she was close to Kurt and knew him well as a person right from his childhood...

  14. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Grubby and disreputable shock doc filled with holes and ellipses. Broomfield's righteous indignation - so well used in his other films - is petty here and in "bad faith". One can see how he gets caught up in the story, but it is disappointing to see him so lacking in compassion. Coincidentally he also looks rather paunchy and gone-to-seed here! Poor Francis Bean.

  15. Anita G's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    This came across as a very amateur doc. I think that KC's life must have become pretty unbearable if those characters were an indication of who was around him at the time of his death.

  16. Steve G.'s rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    An utterly pointless documentary. Nick Broomfield once again proves himself to be a fairly useless documentarian, coasting along on the shoddy gimmick of dragging his own boom mic everywhere. He doesn't have access to Courtney Love. He doesn't have access to Kurt Cobain's family. He doesn't have access to anyone even slightly significant or relevant. So what the hell's the point?

  17.'s rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    As with moth conspiracy theories, I'm totally sold. The dreary british accent utterly convinced me.

  18. Dennis Morgan's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    I felt as it I was watching a tabloid version of a documentary, it could have been really good but it spent too much time trying to find evidence of foul play by Ms Love. Apart from the input of Kurt's Aunt the film was a total waste of time.

  19. Leigh Collins's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    One conspiracy theory too far

  20. dwight.holly's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    As many reviews suggest, the film is ostensibly less about its subjects than Broomfield's project of 'making the documentary'. What distinguishes the film from the director's other work (and what makes it noteworthy, in my opinion) is the way this project - made arduous by figures in/of Cobain's world - is constructive; it successfully indicates and recreates pressures Kurt found distressing, and so, creates empathy.

  21. Rebekah Harbord's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Intriguing, and not because it tells us anything Kurt or Courtney. Terrible to have a music documentary that has no rights to any of the music that he made! However, it is a fascinating way of finding out about the world of people that they have both left behind.

  22. tomfdzv's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    Good If you like Nirvana, shitty footage though. PS: I fucking hate courtney

  23. s1mon81's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

    If you are a Nirvana fan, worth watching, although tragic. Obviously the viewer can form their own opinions on the various conspiracy theories, but ultimately this provides a further window on Kurt's life.

  24. Richard Exeter's rating of the film Kurt & Courtney

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