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  1. daniroelleb's rating of the film Kuso

    The moment the raw turkey giving birth to the full sized pig in pond is the moment I literally thought this is fucking weird as hell. The movie is very magical but also very confusing.. the best thing about this film was it's commitment to be incredibly random and grotesque. a very rare and unfiltered peak inside flying lotuses mind and I was both disgusted and longing for more. It wasn't that great but oh well...

  2. Martin's rating of the film Kuso

  3. Arf's rating of the film Kuso

    ho apprezzato la fantasia e lo sdrogo

  4. lucia lurzo's rating of the film Kuso

  5. Dries's rating of the film Kuso

    Ma di che cazzo stiamo parlando????????????????????????????????? STO FILM è TOTALE in tutto e per tutto

  6. Diogo Pires's rating of the film Kuso

    Em suma é uma viagem alucinante (pagava para ver em IMAX) com sentido de humor satírico e com algumas farpas bem apontadas a uma sociedade hiper-sexualizada e muitas vezes inutilmente mediada. /// Não se notam contornos wes andersoniescos em certos pontos (a estória da árvore, por exemplo?). Curioso para ver mais.

  7. A-N-T-O-I-N-E's rating of the film Kuso

  8. Marta Lopes Peres's rating of the film Kuso

    I found it more enjoyable than expected - maybe because it reminded me of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (Tim Heidecker was the only and obvious cast for the character he played) and The Eric Andre Show (in which Flying Lotus has made an appearance). Still not sure whether Steven's purpose was to make a social commentary or to make people as unconfortable as possible. Maybe there is no purpose to it at all.

  9. Teresa Silva's rating of the film Kuso

  10. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Kuso

  11. c5000's rating of the film Kuso

  12. Élie Kayrouz's rating of the film Kuso

    You know Fly Lo funded the movie, wrote it, produced it, directed it, sound designed it, scored it, did visual effects and edited it... he should of taken much more time to work on it given he had all that control. Especially on the story as it has a lot of potential but no signs of coherence. It did not make me feel anything, no emotions whatsoever. The only thing I enjoyed were the visuals. I am very disappointed.

  13. Sara Castro's rating of the film Kuso

    This is the worst thing I've ever seen.