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  1. Photo of Ryū Murakami

    Ryū Murakami Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  3. Photo of Jud Cremata

    Jud Cremata Producer

  4. Photo of Sarah Cawley

    Sarah Cawley Cinematography

  5. Photo of Saki Takaoka

    Saki Takaoka Cast

  6. Photo of Masayuki Shida

    Masayuki Shida Cast

  7. Photo of Patricia Alvarez

    Patricia Alvarez Cast

  8. Photo of Alexander Varona Marrero

    Alexander Varona Marrero Cast

  9. Photo of Humberto Gettys

    Humberto Gettys Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Stitt

    Bill Stitt Cast

  11. Photo of Marylyn Bishop

    Marylyn Bishop Cast

  12. Photo of Scott Whitehurst

    Scott Whitehurst Cast

  13. Photo of Bradford West

    Bradford West Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Feigin

    Michael Feigin Cast

  15. Photo of Jay Baez

    Jay Baez Cast

  16. Photo of Al Lopez

    Al Lopez Cast

  17. Photo of Oscar A. Colon

    Oscar A. Colon Cast

  18. Photo of Fatima Da Silva

    Fatima Da Silva Cast

  19. Photo of Carlos Osorio

    Carlos Osorio Cast

  20. Photo of Mauricio Bustamante

    Mauricio Bustamante Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Kennealy

    Michael Kennealy Cast

  22. Photo of Marshall Edwards

    Marshall Edwards Cast

  23. Photo of Serena Ebhardt

    Serena Ebhardt Cast

  24. Photo of James Wilson

    James Wilson Cast

  25. Photo of Walter Cobb

    Walter Cobb Cast

  26. Photo of Claude Suggs

    Claude Suggs Cast

  27. Photo of Toshiko Nelms

    Toshiko Nelms Cast

  28. Photo of Angel Stephens

    Angel Stephens Cast

  29. Photo of Kevin Delahunty

    Kevin Delahunty Cast

  30. Photo of Randal Brittain

    Randal Brittain Cast

  31. Photo of George Best

    George Best Cast

  32. Photo of Sandi Gordon

    Sandi Gordon Cast

  33. Photo of Ford Winter

    Ford Winter Cast

  34. Photo of Juan Carlo

    Juan Carlo Cast

  35. Photo of Teo Castellanos

    Teo Castellanos Cast

  36. Photo of Raquel Rodriguez

    Raquel Rodriguez Cast

  37. Photo of Mario Morales

    Mario Morales Cast

  38. Photo of Melissa Guerra

    Melissa Guerra Cast

  39. Photo of Emilio Gutiérrez Caba

    Emilio Gutiérrez Caba Cast

  40. Photo of Robert Stepanek

    Robert Stepanek Cast

  41. Photo of Glenn Gaines

    Glenn Gaines Sound

  42. Photo of Pauline White

    Pauline White Costume Design